Crown Brush on Hautelook starting Friday, 9/27

September 24, 2013
Crown Brush 10-pc Italian Badger makeup brush set
Crown Brush 10-piece Italian Badger makeup brush set

Starting this Friday, September 27th, Crown Brush will be featured on Hautelook, Nordstrom’s flash sale site. Hautelook always brings in fun products for their Beauty category, and I’ve seen Crown Brush make appearances every now and then. I caught another sale on the site three or four months ago and got my hands on this 10-piece Italian Badger brush set, which I’ve really been enjoying. I’d love to share a few thoughts on the brushes in the set and hopefully help you decide whether a similar set might be right for you.

In general, sets like these are can be stellar deals. I paid $32 for these ten brushes, or $3.20 per brush. I took me a while to figure out which set was the best fit for me because I try to not end up with unnecessary duplicates, but two big factors that led me to this one was that I didn’t want too many brushes (I have storage issues), and I definitely wanted to end up with a few different face brushes.

Crown offers a number of different brush lines, and Italian Badger sounds nice, doesn’t it? Although I have to be honest, I’m  not really sure what an Italian badger is and I’m not completely convinced that it is what it sounds like. I mean, in any other context besides Crown, I’ve never heard of Italian badger hair before, and Googling it doesn’t bring up much. Crown doesn’t give much background on their website, at least not so far as I can see. No mention of whether the badgers are Italian, or whether the brushes are Italian made, or whatever. I’m getting sidetracked though, because even if it ends up that the hairs belonged to a boar in California, it doesn’t necessarily reflect poorly on the actual quality of the brushes. It just smells of meaningless marketing to me.

I will go ahead and say I like the feel of the brushes a lot, so that’s why I’m not so worried about where the hair actually comes from. Another thing to note is that not every brush is actually of animal origin – the foundation brush, brow brush, and lip brush are synthetics made to look stylistically congruent to the others. Synthetics tend to be good for applying liquid products, so that’s nothing to worry about, I just wish these sets came with a little more information (either from Hautelook, or even better, from Crown themselves).

Crown Brush 10-piece Italian Badger brush set ($32 on Hautelook)
Crown Brush 10-piece Italian Badger brush set ($32 on Hautelook)

I don’t have a list of what came in this set, but going off of the individual brush selections on Crown’s website, here are the brushes that came in it (left to right in the above image):

IB103 Flat Bronzer ($10.95)
IB102 Powder Dome ($12.95)
IB106 Angle Blush ($7.09)
IB115 Brow/Lash Groomer ($1.49)
IB118 Pro Spoolie ($1.72)
IB108 Deluxe Oval Shadow ($3.78)
IB107 Oval Foundation ($3.99)
IB116 Round Tapered Crease ($2.89)
IB113 Taklon Angle Liner ($2.23)
IB117 Oval Taklon Lip ($2.25)

In terms of value, it’s almost like I bought the first four brushes and received six more for free. The three face brushes at the top of the list as well as the tapered crease brush are all easy everyday favorites. The quality is really nice, and they’re soft and easy to use. The bigger face brushes shed a little when I wash them, but never on my face when I’m using them. There’s only one brush in here that I don’t get any value from, and that’s the foundation brush. I like to use a flat foundation brush (I often use the Sephora Pro Foundation #47), but this Crown one is just too small and too stiff. I even like to use a softer brush than this for my concealer, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to find a use for it.

The set also comes with the simple but useful case, which folds up to look like this:

Crown Brush 10-piece Italian Badger makeup brush set carrying case
Crown Brush 10-piece Italian Badger makeup brush set carrying case

You can see from the prices of the individual brush prices that it’s definitely not imperative to purchase a set in order to get a good deal. Even when bought piece by piece, the brushes are a pretty cheap and are really nice quality. You get some extras with the set, including the case, which is nice to have. I ordered a total of two items from Hautelook, this brush set and a Cosmetique Collection cosmetic organizer, and Hautelook threw in a freebie for me:

Hautelook freebie: a box of Schick Hydro Silk Disponsables
Hautelook freebie: a box of Schick Hydro Silk Disponsables

Fun! I love freebies.

Are you on the lookout for some new brushes?

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