Guerlain Tenue de Perfection Foundation SPF 20

September 24, 2013
Wearin Guerlain Tenue de Perfection in shade 02 Beige Clair
Wearing Guerlain Tenue de Perfection in shade 02 Beige Clair

A few weeks ago I was taking a stroll through my nearby Nordstrom, and a Guerlain makeup artist pulled me over by tempting me with the new Maxi Lash mascara. She dolled me up a little, but what I ended up leaving with was a very generous sample of a sweet foundation. The new Tenue de Perfection Foundation SPF 20 is advertised to be a 16-hour long wearing liquid foundation with perfectly blendable color and a velvety-smooth texture.

I’ve been trying this foundation over the last three weeks, and it has me a little torn up. It is a gorgeous formula that blends really easily, provides medium coverage with a very natural luminosity, and effortlessly smooths over the flaws in my natural skin texture. It even has a floral fragrance that dissipates, so the application process feels high-end but I don’t have to walk around all day smelling my own face.

On the other side, the foundation doesn’t stand up to a little oil very well. I have combination skin, with cheeks that get a little dry but a nose that can get a little oily and require some mattifying powder (like this one) maybe once throughout the day. Nothing too extreme. But even over a primer and under setting powder, this foundation makes my nose look really oily within around two hours. I touch up, and then it starts to look oily again really quickly. I just can’t keep the shine away for more than a couple of hours. It’s really weird, especially since the foundation doesn’t dissolve in the oil or anything. It stands up throughout the day pretty well, just leaves me looking perpetually shiny in one spot!

If you don’t have an issue with oil and have some cash to throw on a luxury product like this, I think this is a gorgeous formula to consider. It makes me sad that this one just won’t work for me, because I’d tend to think something that looks as great as this foundation does is actually worth the money. One more thing to consider is the fact that there are only six options in the shade range. I’d suggest taking advantage of a color match and maybe a take-home sample of the foundation to try before committing. The sales associates are normally more than happy to provide both.

Naked skin (left), wearing Tenue de Perfection in shade 02 (right)
Naked skin (left), wearing Tenue de Perfection in shade 02 (right)
Wearin Guerlain Tenue de Perfection in shade 02 Beige Clair
Wearing Guerlain Tenue de Perfection in shade 02 Beige Clair

This photo was taken after the sales associate dolled me up a bit. I’m wearing Guerlain’s Madame Rougit blush and Gloss d’Enfer #860 Madame Batifole, both of which are limited edition for Fall 2013, and one of Guerlain’s bronzers (I’m not sure which one). I’m also wearing Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow in 10 Light Blonde (review here) and Benefit They’re Real! mascara.

You can also see me wearing this foundation here.

Tenue de Perfection costs $59 for 1 oz. and is available at Sephora, Nordstrom and, of course, Guerlain.

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Have you had a chance to try any of Guerlain’s foundations?

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