DreamWorld Hermetica’s glowing Hocus Pocus eye shadows for Halloween 2013

October 5, 2013
Wearing a couple of eye shadows from DreamWorld Hermetica's new Hocus Pocus collection
Wearing eye shadows from DreamWorld Hermetica’s new Hocus Pocus collection

You know, Hocus Pocus is a movie that I’d kind of forgotten about, which is a shame because I actually really loved it as a kid. Reading through DreamWorld Hermetica’s list of shades inspired by the movie brings a few memories, but it mostly makes me want to watch it again. Maybe it’s on Netflix. Anyways, DreamWorld has created a large 16-piece collection of eye shadows, 2 blushes, and 2 lip colors inspired by the movie in the spirit of the Halloween season, and I’ve been trying out 3 of the eye shadow shades: Evil Witch, Young Virgin, and Girl with the Yabbos. They’re all very pretty shades with an otherworldly sheen that make me feel like I’ve gotten wrapped up in a little black magic.

DreamWorld Hermetica, formerly DreamWorld Minerals, is a mineral makeup company, and these eye shadows are loose mineral powders. I drop a teeny weeny pinch of them into a small palette (I actually use a little condiment dish perfect for soy sauce), wet an eye shadow brush with a little bit of water and mix it into the loose powder, and gently swipe onto my eyelid. When swatched dry, the shadows look soft and a little glittery, but when mixed with a little water the color deepens and they take on a knockout sheen, shifting between a couple of different tones.

Left to right: Evil Witch, Young Virgin, and Girl with the Yabbos
Left to right: Evil Witch, Young Virgin, and Girl with the Yabbos
Left to right: Evil Witch, Young Virgin, and Girl with the Yabbos (swatched dry, no primer)
Left to right: Evil Witch, Young Virgin, and Girl with the Yabbos (swatched dry, no primer)
Left to right: Evil Witch, Young Virgin, and Girl with the Yabbos (swatched wet, no primer)
Left to right: Evil Witch, Young Virgin, and Girl with the Yabbos (swatched wet, no primer)

Aren’t those wet swatches gorgeous? I feel like the shadows are something of a surprise, because just looking at them or swiping a little on the back of your hand won’t give you a very good idea of how they’ll pop when some moisture is added. When wet, the shadows go on evenly and effortlessly, no complaints there!

Evil Witch is described on the website as a medium greenish color with blue undertones. To me, it looks  a little like a Hocus Pocus take on a dirty champagne color. Like, an evil champagne. I see more of a light greenish tan, myself, and it feels like a  nice daytime neutral with a twist. I love how luminous it is, and really enjoy how it looks on me. It’s my personal favorite of the bunch.

Young Virgin is described as a blue color with shifting colors in the undertones. To me, it looks like a dusty grayish blue leaning purple with an understated iridescence. It’s definitely very pretty, though I don’t find it to be as unique of a shade as the other two shadows.

Girl with the Yabbos definitely has a great name. This was one that I wasn’t expecting to love based on how it looked dry, but the first wet swipe of it on my arm made me squeal! DreamWorld says it is a brown to green shifting color, and I’d agree … the green sheen on it is stunning, and this shade would be really fun for a night out.

I think that Evil Witch and Girl with the Yabbos can make a pretty lovely pair, and that’s what I’m wearing in the photos:

Wearing Evil Witch and Girl with the Yabbos
Wearing Evil Witch and Girl with the Yabbos
Wearing Evil Witch and Girl with the Yabbos
Wearing Evil Witch and Girl with the Yabbos

The Look:

It’s a really simple look that only took a few minutes to wrap up. I applied Evil Witch all over my lid, into my inner corner, and along the inner half or so of my lower lash line. I then applied Girl with the Yabbos to the outer 1/3, lightly into and just above my crease area, and on the outer 1/3 of my lower lash line.

I supplemented the eye look with a few shadows from my Too Faced Sweet Indulgences palette (a Holiday 2012 release), which I like to keep handy for these kinds of purposes, but any palette with a few neutral options will work. I blended Teddy Bear (a matte medium brown) just above the crease to help with transitioning, In the Buff (a matte cream highlight) to my brow bone, and pushed Black Sugar (a black shadow with glitter) into my upper lash line with a wet smudge brush. I then used the Sephora Collection Atomic Volume mascara (review here) on my upper lashes and Jane Iredale Longest Lash mascara (review here) on my lower lashes.

I’m also wearing: DreamWorld Hermetica foundation in Arinna II L (I’m currently working through some foundation samples to find the best shade and finish for me), DreamWorld Hermetica illuminating finishing powder in Cafe au Lait, Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer, Chanel powder blush in 59 Imprevu (a limited edition shade from a previous year), and Korres Cherry lip gloss in 33 Natural.


Additional Information:

All in all, I’m loving these eye shadows. I find them easy to apply, and their vibrancy doesn’t fade throughout the day. I’m eyeing a few other shades on DreamWorld’s website, and this week they’re having a special and are offering 25% off of all Hocus Pocus products! I’m going to try to wrap up my experimentation with some of their other products so I can make a purchase and take advantage of the sale.

Even without the sale, the prices are reasonable: mini jar shadows and cheeks are $2.75 for 0.5 to 0.75 gm, full size eye shades will come in a 5 gm jar with approx. 1 to 1.5 gm of product (with sifter) for $5.49, and full size cheeks are 3 gm to 4 gm for $9.99. DreamWorld Hermetica offers lots of samples and mini sizes throughout their product lines, and I encourage you to take advantage of them if you’re curious about giving their products a try.

DreamWorld Hermetica does not test on animals, many of their products are vegan, they use as few ingredients as possible and they formulate their products to be as safe and healthy for skin as possible. Ingredients lists for all of their products are readily available on their website. I will also say that their customer service and communication is really great. If you have any questions, shoot them an email. When I did so, I received a same-day response from Ellie, the owner.

Update: you can read about additional Hocus Pocus purchases I made following this write-up here!

I’ll keep posting as I continue to experiment with DreamWorld’s products! Have you found any Halloween-themed makeup that you’re loving?

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