A vacation discovery: Raunsborg Skin Tonic

October 12, 2013
Raunsborg Skin Tonic (169 DKK, or about $31 USD, for 200 ml)
Raunsborg Skin Tonic (169 DKK, or about $31 USD, for 200 ml)

This summer, I took a really wonderful trip through Scandinavia and grabbed a few skincare products along the way. I had brought some of my Clarins toner (which I wrote about here) along with me in a travel bottle, but I ran out of it a little over halfway through the trip so I needed to pick something up. I deliberately set out to find a product that was from the country that I was currently in. My search for toner took place in Copenhagen, and I purchased the Raunsborg Skin Tonic at Magasin du Nord. Despite it not being readily available in the US, I really enjoyed using it and think that it’s a product worth talking about!

Magasin du Nord is a department store with an array of beauty counters as well as a section that’s set up with many different brands and product lines present in one place. Since the counters were on the pricier side, I spent the most time in the smaller section looking through the different brands, many of which I was unfamiliar with.

If I remember correctly, there were basically three different toners to choose from. One was really expensive and non-Danish, one was cheaper but contained a lot of alcohol in it, and the third was Danish and priced in the middle but had no English whatsoever on the box. I went for that third option, even though it felt like a gamble (I do not speak Danish), and I made the judgement based on what I could make out on the ingredients list:

Raunsborg Skin Tonic ingredients
Raunsborg Skin Tonic

I could see from the label that there was no alcohol (somewhere on the box it did actually say alkoholfri, as well, which is a word that I can figure out despite my nonexistent Danish language skills). I can also see sap, glycerine, some plant extracts, and otherwise generally pronounceable items on the list. It cost me 169 DKK, or about $31 USD, for 200 ml.

I did my best to search for reviews on my phone while I was shopping, but I couldn’t find anything said about this product in English. Once I got back to the hotel room it was easy to get Google to translate the Raunsborg website so I could get their general description of it. While doing so did give me some reassurance about the product I had bought, the website doesn’t provide user reviews or anything like that so I was mostly left to just use the product and see how it worked.

According to Google Translate, here is how Raunsborg describes the tonic:

Drinks skin tonic with a fresh scent of birch. Effectively removes make-up and other impurities from the skin.

Active ingredients from sugar beet adds moisture while elderflower and birch bark soothes, nourishes and refreshes the skin. Extracts of witch hazel and cranberry works firming and has an antibacterial effect.

Raunsborg Skin Tonic
Each of Raunsborg’s products features a different bundle of plants on the box. Lovely!

The tonic itself is a slightly yellowish fluid that’s just a teeny weeny bit thicker than water. It has a light, pleasant birch scent. It’s relatively subtle, but I really enjoy it.

When I first apply it, it stays on the surface of skin for a moment. It doesn’t dry off instantly and almost feels like it’s leaving a bit of a residue. That goes away though, I promise. It just takes a couple of minutes for it to sink in, and when it does it leaves skin feeling clean, soft and nourished.

Raunsborg Skin Tonic (photo taken in my Copenhagen hotel room)
Raunsborg Skin Tonic (photo taken in my Copenhagen hotel room)

I used this for almost three months before running out. I think I tend to go through toner relatively quickly, and I just used the very last bit of it this evening. I will say that over time I felt like this toner really helped to strengthen the overall health of my skin. About 4-6 weeks into using it I started to notice increased resilience. My face tends to break out a little once a month, but recently my skin has been healing quicker than normal from any breakouts that may appear. I mean, last month I had a couple of small spots appear at the normal time of the month, and they went away the next day.

It may be that this toner was the perfect fit for my skin’s needs. I think it’s fabulous. If you visit Denmark (you totally should, it’s awesome), I’d suggest giving Raunsborg a look. They have a small collection of skincare products that make good use of Scandinavian flora, and the brand stresses a philosophy of simplicity. Now that I’m back in Seattle I’m a little bummed I can’t just go pick up another bottle at the store (from what I can see, the brand is only available in Danish retailers), but it was a great find and I’m glad I had the chance to try it!

Hanging out in Nyhavn
Hanging out in Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Have you ever found an amazing beauty product while on vacation?

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  1. Hi.

    The producer has a website from which you can purchase their great products.

    Their website is:

    Unfortuntately it isn’t in other languages than Danish, but thanks to Google translate you’re helped a lot.

    I can recommend their handcreme and bodylotion. Especially the handcreme is great for exema and psoriasis. After short time of use you can see how it helps. All of their products are MI free. MI is a product that is in lots of cremes that is suposively carcinogenic.

    1. Thanks, Helle! That’s helpful, and I appreciate you mentioning MI. It’s not an ingredient I’ve heard much about, but I’m looking into it now.

  2. Hey 🙂

    Raunsborg is a pretty new brand on the danish market.

    But maybe they will be able to send you a new bottle if you write them an e-mail 😀

    And it’s so nice to hear that you enjoyed your stay in Denmark, it’s always lovely to hear another person write good things about your country :-b

  3. Its getting bigger here in Denmark a lot of people who has used it is free from their rashes, psoriasis and so on. I have Just read Jim Lyngvilds facebook hes the founder of Raunsborg and he appreciate the good review you just gave him.
    Its really cool that an american knows about this little danish product.

    Have a nice day Anja

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