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Elf Gina Girl, from the Disney villains nail polish collection

October 20, 2013
Elf Gina Girl, one of Maleficent's shades
Three coats of Elf Gina Girl, one of Maleficent’s shades (Elf 12-piece nail polish collection, $9.99)

Gina Girl, one of Maleficent’s shades in the recently released Disney villains 12-piece nail polish set by ELF (photos here), is the shade I’ve most recently tried from the collection. It features a transparent dark gray base filled with chunky glitter that ranges from purple to blue to gold. In an opaque 3-coat application, the overall color impression is a Crayola crayon purple. I do really enjoy how much it reminds me of Maleficent’s magic spells in Sleeping Beauty! I found this shade to be easy to work with, as it had a good amount of glitter with each swipe of the brush and each layer dried quickly, and while I felt like it looked pretty good with two coats, I added a third just because it was easy to do so.

Like Smoky Brown (photos here), this shade was also easy to remove from my skin using just my nails. In general, I find this helpful for cleaning up a messy application. This shade generally wore well, with damage appearing around the third day of wear with no protective top coat (typical for me, as I tend to be rough on my nails). It was, however, difficult to remove. After soaking my nails in nail polish remover, I ended up chipping away at the glitter with my nails. This resulted in clean nails with no leftover glitter bits.

Elf Gina Girl
Elf Gina Girl (three coats, no top coat)
Elf Gina Girl
Elf Gina Girl (three coats, no top coat)

Have you bought the ELF Disney villain nail polish set? I’d love to hear which shades you’re loving!

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