DreamWorld Hermetica’s Hocus Pocus collection, part 2

October 27, 2013
Wearing eye shadow, blush and lip gloss from the Hocus Pocus collection
Wearing Bloody Witch on my eyes, Witches’ Sunset on cheeks, and Witchcraft on lips

I first had the opportunity to try out some of the shades from DreamWorld Hermetica’s Hocus Pocus collection for fall 2013 about a month ago when I received samples of three eye shadows in an order of my foundation samples (see photos and review of those eye shadows here). I thought that the colors were really interesting, so when I later made my purchase of full-sized jars of foundation and finishing powder I also decided to throw a few more Hocus Pocus items in my cart. This time I grabbed one more eye shadow, both of the blushes and one of the lip colors. Although I think it can be a little difficult to tell how a color will look when worn based on the photos on the website, I’m really loving the products I picked up and have some thoughts and photos to share with you.

If you’re not already familiar, DreamWorld Hermetica is an indie mineral makeup company that offers a large collection of cruelty-free products, many of which are vegan. I appreciate their emphasis on using safe and natural ingredients that won’t irritate skin as well as their affordability of their products. This fall they released a collection inspired by the 1993 film Hocus Pocus that includes 16 eye shadows, 2 cheek colors and 2 lip colors.

Eye shadow, cheek colors and lip color from DreamWorld Hermetica's Hocus Pocus collection
Eye shadow, cheek colors and lip color from DreamWorld Hermetica’s Hocus Pocus collection

DreamWorld Hermetica’s eye and cheek colors are loose mineral powders, and are available in either mini jars (0.5 to 0.75 gm, no sifter) or full-sized jars (1 to 1.5 gm, includes sifter). I purchased mini jars, which each cost $2.75. A full-sized jar of eye shadow costs $5.49, and a full-sized cheek color costs $7.99, so they’re definitely affordable, but I like to grab mini sizes whenever I can just because it helps me stretch my dollar further and try more things.

Cheek color in Witches' Sunset
Cheek color in Witches’ Sunset

Witches’ Sunset is a deep cheek color that DreamWorld describes as a reddish shade with deep purplish undertones. I was feeling ready to experiment with some of their bolder blushes because I’ve been very pleasantly surprised in the past with shades that look strange in the package but translate really beautifully on skin.

Cheek color in All Hallow's Sunset
Cheek color in All Hallow’s Sunset

All Hallow’s Sunset is another cheek color that looks pretty unusual in the jar. DreamWorld describes it as a soft peach with pink undertones. I think it’s a really interesting golden shade, and I definitely don’t have anything like it in my collection. It can also easily be used as an eye color.

Eye shadow in Bloody Witch
Eye shadow in Bloody Witch

Bloody Witch is the eye shadow shade inspired by the middle sister witch from the movie. Since the shadows I previously received were a little more colorful, I thought I’d try one of the neutrals. It’s a very deep brown, but you can see some red and lavender tones in it depending on the lighting.

Lip color in Witchcraft
Lip color in Witchcraft

Witchcraft is one of two lip colors available in this collection. It’s a really pretty deep burgundy, and comes in a squeeze tube containing 8 gm of product for $8.99. This is my first time trying one of DreamWorld’s lip glosses, though I do have one of their Magick Wand liquid lipsticks.

Left: Witches' Sunset cheek color, Right: All Hallow's Eve cheek color
Witches’ Sunset cheek color (left), All Hallow’s Eve cheek color (right)

Here, you can see how those cheek colors translate onto skin. Witches’ Sunset is a pretty deep shade, but the pigmentation isn’t overly intense so I actually find it very easy to work with and blend. All Hallow’s Eve packs more of a punch in the pigmentation department and requires fewer layers to build up the color, but it’s also easy to blend onto skin and brighten cheeks. Both give skin a very pretty glow without any chunky glitter particles.

Left: Bloody Witch eye shadow, Right: Witchcraft lip gloss
Bloody Witch eye shadow (left), Witchcraft lip gloss (right)

The swatch of Bloody Witch was applied wet over bare skin, no primer. The sheen is pretty gentle, but you can see some purple in there. It really is a lovely, complex color, and I’d say it has a satin finish. Witchcraft doesn’t have the pigmentation and texture I’d normally associate with a lip gloss. The color is more opaque, the formula is a bit thinner and the shine dies down after wearing it a bit. I think it’s a really pretty autumnal color and I’ve been applying it thinly over my lips with my finger.

Wearing Bloody Witch on my eyes, Witches' Sunset on my cheeks, and Witchcraft on my lips
Wearing Bloody Witch on my eyes, Witches’ Sunset on cheeks, and Witchcraft on lips
Wearing Bloody Witch on my eyes, Witches' Sunset on my cheeks, and Witchcraft on my lips
Wearing Bloody Witch on my eyes, Witches’ Sunset on cheeks, and Witchcraft on lips

So far, I’ve been applying Bloody Witch over my eyes wet over primer and haven’t experimented too much with using the loose powder dry. Out of all of the DreamWorld eye shadows that I’ve tried, this one sticks the best to skin and I see absolutely no fallout. However, this also means that I can’t continue to blend it after I’ve applied it because it sticks so well. It just means I have to work at getting it right as I apply it and not rely on being able to fix mistakes after the fact. In the photos above it is the only shadow that I’m wearing. I’ve also blended Witches’ Sunset to my cheeks and used Witchcraft on my lips. Here, you can see what the finish of the lip color looks like once the initial glossy shine has faded away a bit.

Wearing All Hallow's Eve on my cheeks and Witchcraft on my lips
Wearing All Hallow’s Eve on my cheeks and Witchcraft on my lips

Here, you can see that All Hallow’s Eve gives my cheeks a golden glow. I was pretty pleased when I first used this color because although I’m often drawn to peachy blushes like Milani’s baked blush in Luminoso, they can sometimes look too orange on me. They just aren’t necessarily the best look on my skin tone. However, this shade is more yellow than it is orange, and I think that it works pretty well. I generally use a very soft application of it, which brings a nice color to my cheeks that’s perfect for fall. I’m also wearing Witchcraft on my lips, again. This is a fresher application so you can see the glossier finish.


My thoughts: I really love the wide variety of colors in this collection, and I’m really impressed by the sheer number of options. On top of that, Hocus Pocus is only one of three different Halloween collections released by DreamWorld Hermetica, and all three are substantial in size. I think that they do a really great job of coming up with interesting, unique colors that really look lovely on the face.

The Hocus Pocus eye shadows that I’ve tried are all nice quality, apply with good pigmentation and stick around all day without creasing and fallout. I do have samples of other eye shadows from DreamWorld that don’t adhere to skin quite as well and leave a faint dusting of fallout throughout the day, but I believe this is an issue that they were experiencing with some of their older formulations. Throughout their website they mention working on the formulation to improve adhesion, so my guess is that this is something they’ve had good success with in recent releases. I’ve been applying them wet using just water, but over time will continue to experiment with other ways of applying them.

The lip color is nicely hydrating without being overly balm-like, and the color lasts for a few hours even after the glossy shine has faded away. I do feel like calling it a lip gloss is somewhat misleading, as the texture and pigmentation is different from what I’d expect from a gloss. The color has a bit of a metallic look to it, but isn’t truly shimmery. A little goes a long way, and I apply it with my finger but I’ve also heard others say they like to use a lip brush.

I have to say, though, that the blushes are my favorite. I really enjoy the blush shades that DreamWorld comes up with and love the gentle glow that they give my cheeks. Witches’ Sunset and All Hallow’s Eve are both really lovely, unique colors that are fun to wear. They have a faint twinkle of sparkle in the jar and in heavy swatches, but on the cheeks they just appear to have an allover luminosity rather than any chunky glitter pieces. I find them easy to work with, and they last throughout the day for me.


Additional information: In the photos, I’m also wearing DreamWorld Hermetica’s mineral foundation in Rhea II C, their clay/silica finishing powder in Peach Creme (I wrote about both of these products here), and Clarins Be Long Mascara (review here).

Bloody Witch eye shadow ingredients: Silica. May contain: Mica, Iron oxides, Titanium dioxide.

Witches’ Sunset cheek color ingredients: Tin oxide. May contain: Mica, Titanium dioxide, Ferric ferrocyanide, Iron oxides.

All Hallow’s Eve cheek color ingredients: Cetyl dimethicone, Tin oxide. May contain: Mica, Iron oxides, Titanium dioxide.

Witchcraft lip gloss ingredients: Jojoba oil, squalane, ethylene/propylene/styrene copolymer and butylene/ethylene/styrene copolymer, fragrance oil, vitamin E. May contain: mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxides.


The Hocus Pocus collection is available on DreamWorld Hermetica’s website. All of the products are under $10, and mini jars of the eye and cheek colors are available for $2.75 so this is a really easy to try some fun new colors for the season.

Have you picked up any shades from the Halloween collections?

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