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Glittery holiday nails

December 22, 2013
Marc Jacobs "Sally", Wet n Wild "At the After Party" (LE Holiday 2013), Essie "No Chips Ahead"
Marc Jacobs “Sally”, Wet n Wild “At the After Party” (LE Holiday 2013), Essie “No Chips Ahead”

This past week, I spotted the new limited edition nail polishes from Wet n Wild and a shade with multicolored glitter called “At the After Party” caught my eye (you can read about the collection on Nouveau Cheap). They’re only $2.99, so it was an easy buy. I already had a couple of coats of a Marc Jacobs shade called “Sally” on my nails, which is a very dark green, so this combination has turned out to be my version of holiday nails (despite the lack of red or gold). I also reached for Essie’s “No Chips Ahead” top coat afterwards for a little extra shine in addition to protection against chips.

Wearing my version of holiday nails
Wearing two coats of Marc Jacobs “Sally”, one coat of Wet n Wild “At the After Party”, and Essie’s top coat

I just received “Sally” as a gift (yay!), and it’s my only nail color from the Marc Jacobs line. It is really, really nice! It dries quickly and has a stunning amount of shine. I can’t quite tell if it’s black or green, but it definitely has an emerald green flash when it catches the light. It takes two coats to get a perfectly opaque application.

Wet n Wild’s “At the After Party” has fine and chunky glitter that’s pink, teal and silver. I only added one coat, but I could have gone for more. I liked that the colors in this shade didn’t feel too overtly Christmasy, and I think it could be fun to reach for in the spring and summer, too (I really try to buy things that will be good for more than a week out of the year). It was easy to apply a pretty even amount of glitter, and it dried pretty quickly as well. The biggest disappointment was that it robbed a lot of the amazing shine from the Marc Jacobs color, so I wanted to see if a top coat could give some it back.

“No Chips Ahead” worked well for me, in that it definitely added more shine that the Wet n Wild shade, so my nails are both glittery and glossy. After a couple of days, my nails haven’t chipped, either (though I suspect some credit also belongs to Marc Jacobs).

I feel like I should mention that I recognize the absurdity in layering a $3 nail polish over an $18 nail polish, but I think it looks nice enough! I can see “At the After Party” going well with some of my purple or pink shades, too. For the time being, seeing it over the blackish “Sally” reminds me of fireworks in the night sky.

Are you wearing anything special on your nails for the holidays?

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