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March 16, 2014
Limited edition Vanilla Crème Peeps!
Limited edition Vanilla Crème Peeps!

This week I paid a visit to my nearby Target and was very excited to see two things: that all of the Easter sweets were on full display, and that the beauty aisles had been entirely revamped. I kept my purchases to springtime desserts for the time being, but I spent some serious time exploring the new makeup and skincare offerings, too.

The change I noticed most immediately in the beauty section is that the lighting is vastly improved. Thank goodness! Also, since they’ve added some new brands and a lot of new products within the brands that had already been present, the displays are efficiently organized in a more vertical orientation.

I know that a lot of other Targets haven’t quite seen this big change occur, but it’s also seemed like there have been a lot of clearanced items and unstocked shelves, so I think this is just a big work in progress. Have you seen these changes in your nearby Target?

The other things I walked away with besides the Peeps were Pillsbury blue raspberry cake mix and vanilla funfetti frosting, which combined cost a grand total of around $3. I’m always super excited to see the bright colors pop up at this time of year, and when I saw these featured cake mixes (blue raspberry, key lime, and pink lemonade, if you’re curious!) I couldn’t resist.

Pillsbury blue raspberry cake mix and vanilla funfetti frosting
Pillsbury blue raspberry cake mix and vanilla funfetti frosting

I baked it up the very same night and have been enjoying it since. And you know what? It’s pretty tasty. Tasty and festive … love it.

How about you? Does the sight of marshmallow chicks and pastel-colored everything brighten your mood?

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  1. Living in Washington, I too am ready for some spring weather. I’m not even asking for much, a little sun here, and a little warmth there but as usual, I won’t be getting any of that until sometime in May. LOL.

    And I love Peeps but I can only eat one otherwise I’ll feel nauseous. Those suckers are cute and smooshy and yummy but too durn sweet.
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    1. I live in Seattle and boy is it dreary today!! It definitely bums me out that we basically don’t see any warmth until the summer. Hope you’re having a good weekend, and happy Peep season!

    1. You know, I think they are pretty tasty, but I know what you mean about the originals. These are still very sweet, but you get the “vanilla creme” flavor which I like and the sugar coating is finer (I think?) so it’s less overwhelming. It’s been a while since I’ve had an original Peep, though. I really liked that they came in the small 3-packs! Festive, but low commitment.

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