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Monthly empties: April 2014

May 4, 2014
Products used up during the month of April
Products used up during the month of April

For 2014 I’ve started keeping track of the products I use up each month, and throughout April I finished a mix of skincare, cosmetics, and hair care. We’ve moved and are on the road traveling for a bit, so I no longer have my little marble table to photograph products on – this time the view comes from the floor of my completely empty apartment!

Products used up during the month of April
Products used up during the month of April

1. LUSH Aqua Marina cleanser … $12.95 (review)

Loved this cleanser, which is a creamy paste that’s supposed to work well for sensitive skin. It includes a few types of seaweed, calamine powder, and kaolin clay. The creamy texture meant that a little went a long way, and this pot lasted me longer than some of Lush’s chunkier cleansers such as Angels on Bare Skin (a favorite of mine). Ultimately the only thing missing for me was a little bit of (gentle) grit, which helps keep my pores clean and my skin smooth, but this is a really lovely cleanser. My 3.5 oz. pot lasted me 3 or 4 months, which pretty much aligned perfectly with its expiration date.

2. L’Oreal True Match liquid makeup in N2 Classic Ivory … $10.95 (review)

This is a really nice winter foundation for me, but becomes a little pale for my face the moment I touch self tanner. I really wanted to use this up before moving and getting too far into the warmer months, and I was able to – but that little jar lasts a good long while! I love the size of the jar, which is compact but still holds a full ounce of makeup. Anyways, it’s a nice foundation and more recently I had been mixing it with my Physicians Formula Spotless serum foundation, which I talk about here.

3. L’Oreal True Match Crayon Concealer in N1-2-3 … $8.95 (review)

I really love this concealer, and it was hard for me to not repurchase it. At the moment I have other concealers in my collection that I should focus on using. But for me, this works really well around my face to conceal redness. I blend it with either my fingers or my foundation brush, and it was a great one to use day to day as well as when I was traveling.

4. LUSH Sea Spray hair mist … $12.95

I guess I never got around to reviewing this over the last year! I’ve had this one since last spring, and it was a great product that allowed me to skip blow drying my hair by giving me some volume and encouraging curls. My hair only has the gentlest natural wave to it, and looks pretty limp and sad if I otherwise leave it to air dry, but Sea Spray was able to fix that. It provides a good amount of style/hold, so it’s possible to over-apply and leave hair looking a little crispy. I like the price point, which is lower than salon brand salt sprays, as well as the neroli scent which is just perfect for warm weather.

Products used up during the month of April
Products used up during the month of April

5. Biore Makeup Removing Towelettes … $6.89 for 30 towelettes

I decided to buy these when I saw them on sale at my drugstore and noticed they didn’t have alcohol in them. If I’m being entirely honest, I’d have to admit I used these up a while ago and I’m having trouble remembering specifics about them. My general feeling was that they were ok – they certainly weren’t terrible – but that I also didn’t love them and would be unlikely to repurchase them.

6. LUSH Eau Roma Water toning water … $9.95

Eau Roma is a toner that’s extremely simple, and is mostly made up of lavender water and rose water. It’s really great, it smells nice and feels really gentle and refreshing on skin. It won’t perform miracles, but it’s not really intended to. It’d be great for dry or irritated skin. I really liked having it around, and would use it after maybe every other cleanse (alternating with a toner that has AHAs in it) or sometimes I’d use it right after a more powerful toner.

Products used up during the month of April
Products used up during the month of April

7. Umberto Dry Clean dry shampoo … $11.99

I’ve talked about this in an empties before, and this bottle was the second that I’ve finished. I like it and find it adds nice volume and a bit of texture. The only problem is that it’s extremely white, so I’d definitely have to mix it into my hair well with my fingers. I even found I needed to use it before cleansing and applying makeup, as otherwise I might see a bit of white powder on my face. Umberto is the cheapest salon brand at Target and I bought both of my cans with a coupon, but at the moment I’m trying out some of the new drugstore brand releases to see if I can find something I like better.

8. Andalou Naturals Fruit Stem Cell Revitalize Serum … $24.95 (review)

I found this at Whole Foods and was attracted to the price point. I got it on sale for right around $20, which is pretty darn good for a serum with this caliber of ingredients. I really, really liked it and found that it did help to fade some of my fine lines under my eyes, and don’t see any ingredients on the back of the bottle that I don’t like. Highly recommend!

9. Urban Decay All Nighter makeup setting spray (mini size) … $30 full size

I bought this in a little mini set with a UD face primer at Nordstrom Rack, and found that I liked it a lot more than the UD De-Slick setting spray (which I didn’t find to be effective). I’d happily buy the full size if only it were cheaper. The only issue was that the spray wasn’t super fine/even, but I’m betting that’s just an issue for the mini bottle. As much as I enjoyed this, it’s difficult for me to say that it’d be worth $30 … that just seems like a lot for a setting spray.

10. Maybelline Volum’Express The Falsies mascara in blackest black … $7.77 (review)

Love this. I used to stick to Clinique mascaras, and so I’m currently taking a tour of some of the drugstore classics that I’ve never tried before. I find The Falsies to give a really nice effective that’s perfect for everyday makeup looks – not too bold, not too subtle. It gives nice definition and curl, and it didn’t smudge on me at all until it began to reach the end of its life. I would definitely repurchase it again.

11. Jane Iredale Tantasia self tanner deluxe sample … $36 full size

I received this deluxe sample from Sample Society. It didn’t have a ton of product in it, so I just kept it to my face and décolleté so that I’d have enough to test it out a few times. It’s nice, but ultimately I didn’t find it had any lasting power on my skin. I felt like it only stuck around for maybe 24 hours. It’s possibly an issue of having a facial cleansing and toning routine that knocks out the self tanner, so I don’t want to write it off completely, but I decided against buying the full size.

12. The Body Shop Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream … $20 (review)

This was a really great everyday night cream for me that isn’t too expensive, especially if you get it during one of The Body Shop’s many sales. It’s simple and I’d imagine it’d work for a lot of different skin types. It doesn’t absorb into my skin immediately but sinks in gradually overnight. There’s no powerful fragrance, and although it’s pretty thick it doesn’t feel overly heavy or greasy on skin. At the moment I’m trying out the Aloe night cream from The Body Shop for comparison’s sake, but I’d consider buying this one again in the future.


Have you finished up any awesome products recently?

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