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May 15, 2014
Products I'm giving up on
Products I’m giving up on

I have a couple of products I’ve been using that I’m not happy with, and as I discard them I also want to say a few words about why. The Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo and The Body Shop Absinthe Purifying Hand Cream are both products that I packed up to take along while traveling and reached for them frequently during the first week of being on the road.

The Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo costs right around $5 and I found mine at Target. I believe the Naked range is relatively new, and it took a while before I started seeing it as well as other recent dry shampoo releases from other brands on my nearby store shelves. Herbal Essences advertises the use of natural tapioca to absorb oil as well as a formulation free of parabens and dyes. It has a white grapefruit and mint scent which gives hair a lightly fruity, refreshing fragrance.

The scent is my favorite part. It smells really nice and it’ll linger throughout the day, but it isn’t too strong. As for the actual dry shampoo part, the best I can say is that it doesn’t make my hair worse. But, it doesn’t make it feel particularly clean and I don’t get any volume out of it. I’ve been using this for longer than the trip so I have gotten more than just the week’s worth of use out of it. Maybe more like a month, and I can feel that the can is at least half empty. With that it mind, I feel like I’ve done a sufficient job of getting my money’s worth out of it. Moving on!

The Body Shop Absinthe Purifying Hand Cream is one that I bought a while back during a sale but had stashed away until I worked through some of my other hand lotions. I just have a little travel size (1 oz. for $10) and since I got it on sale it wasn’t a big investment. I stuck this in my purse when we departed and have been using it on the go, and my hands have definitely been needing some moisture in the desert!

I have three problems with it. One, the little paint tube packaging is a pain. The cream just wants to burst out of it, and the screw top always pushes lotion out of the side when I close it, no matter how much care I’ve taken to clean it. Two, although I do actually enjoy the absinthe scent, the fragrance is strong and it lingers for a long time. It’s too much. Three, and here’s the big one, it isn’t very effective. I’m really surprised, because The Body Shop is kind of known for their moisturizing body butters and they also have some nice moisturizers in their skincare section, so why would their hand cream be lacking? But I just didn’t find it was helping me much, so I ditched it and brought out one of my other hand creams even though it wasn’t quite as conveniently sized for travel.

Have you tried either of these? Have any products disappointed you lately?

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    1. Ha! I wonder if moisturizers can work a bit differently for different people. I need a relatively strong hand cream, though, or my hands can really start to get rough and torn up.

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