My Beauty Diary Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Mask

October 15, 2014
My Beauty Diary Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Mask
My Beauty Diary Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Mask

I just wanted to say a few words about this sheet mask I just finished up using last night. My Beauty Diary is one of the big producers of sheet masks and are pretty popular. I originally picked these masks up in a 7-11 at the Taipei airport when I was going to have a day without my checked baggage, including all of my moisturizers, so I thought my skin was going to suffer.

These are actually the first sheet masks I’ve ever tried, though I had bought others while traveling through Asia that I have yet to break out. I reached for a 2-pack of these only to be told at the register that they were having a buy-one-get-one sale, so I picked up a second box and walked away with a total of 4 masks. It cost me about $2, I think, so not bad. My Beauty Diary is a Taiwanese company, so in Taipei they’re actually locally-made products.

I used two masks over 12 hours (one in the evening before going to bed, and one in the morning after showering) because I didn’t have any of my other skincare products with me. We had a 20-hour layover in Beijing – I think China sets up these long layovers on purpose in order to force you to visit and hand over a few tourist dollars. Anyways, I was unprepared because I didn’t realize I wouldn’t have my checked baggage with me, which of course is full of all of my liquids. I’ve also since used the 2 other masks just at home before bed, as I’d normally use masks.

These sheet masks are pretty large (much larger than my face, but still workable), and are extremely wet. I definitely have to lay back and not talk too much if I want them to stay on my face without moving around. You’re supposed to wear them for around 20 minutes, but last night I left it on for more like 45. They’re so wet that it isn’t possible for them to dry out in that period of time.

These moisture masks definitely are hydrating. They include hyaluronic acid, glycerin, aloe, and lots of fruit and plant extracts. There’s a little bit of vitamin E acetate at the bottom of the ingredients list, too.

My Beauty Diary Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Mask
My Beauty Diary Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Mask

Once I take the mask off, I just massage my face a little bit, smoothing the goo over my face evenly. I leave it on and let it sink in. It’s definitely gooey and takes a while to sink into the skin, but I’d rather get my full value for the cost of the mask. My skin really appreciates the hydration, and I generally find it very soothing. I don’t find it to be greasy or oily feeling at all.

I’m having trouble with hydration lately. I’m drinking multiple bottles of water before bed because I’m so thirsty, and my face is having some trouble with irritation and dryness which I think was really triggered during the last stretch of our travels. I don’t know if anything specific caused the trouble, I think it was more of a cumulative thing, but I’m having a tough time calming my skin down.

I’ve been using face and eye creams to try and plump my skin back up. I have fine lines around my eyes that tend to become more apparent as my skin gets dehydrated, but the creams aren’t fixing it like I was expecting. The best plumper I’ve tried lately has been these masks. They provide some instant relief that makes a visible difference in my skin. The effect is temporary, of course – you’d need to keep using these masks regularly over a long period of time in order to get a longer-term effect, I think. But they’ve been really nice to reach for while I’ve had them.

I’ve done a few searches online, and it looks like these masks aren’t too difficult to come by in the US. I see they’re available from Sasa, Amazon, and even Walmart, sold in 10-piece boxes for around $14. That’s pretty great, I think! I’ll be trying out the other masks I picked up in Asia before I repurchase these, but it’s nice to know I can keep buying them for a pretty reasonable price. And I definitely might.

Have you tried sheet masks before? Do you have any favorites you’d recommend?

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