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Trying out 3 more natural deodorants: Nature’s Gate, Earth Science, and Kiss My Face

November 9, 2014
Nature's Gate ($6.29), Earth Science ($6.95), and Kiss My Face ($5.99) deodorants
Nature’s Gate ($6.29), Earth Science ($6.95), and Kiss My Face ($5.99) deodorants

I have three deodorants to talk about because it’s a bit of a catch up on what I’ve been trying throughout the summer. They do all have a few big things in common, though: they’re all very available (I found them at Whole Foods) and are all between $6-7, so they’re just as affordable as any run of the mill antiperspirant. These three natural deodorants are all aluminum-free and feature gentle and environmentally friendly formulations, and are cruelty-free, as well.

Nature's Gate Tea Tree & Blue Cypress Deodorant ($6.29)
Nature’s Gate Tea Tree & Blue Cypress Deodorant ($6.29)
Nature's Gate Tea Tree & Blue Cypress Deodorant ingredients (click to enlarge)
Nature’s Gate Tea Tree & Blue Cypress Deodorant ingredients (click to enlarge)

Nature’s Gate Tea Tree & Blue Cyprus Deodorant ($6.29)

Nature’s Gate was the first one I was using earlier in the summer. The scent is tea tree and blue cypress, which is very clean and not too strong or overpowering. The formula includes baking soda and vegetable enzymes, and the website highlights clary sage for calming properties, lemongrass for improved circulation, and sesame oil for moisture. Generally, I got along well with this one and it was the one I was using during the hottest summer moments. I still think that the Desert Essence (review) formula worked a bit better for me, but this was a good one.

The funny thing about it is that it’s the worst-made deodorant I’ve ever tried. Right after I brought it home I noticed that the top was loose and didn’t quite want to stay on, and so while I was traveling I made sure to it in a small baggie just to prevent any incidents of the deodorant getting loose in my luggage. Then when I was about halfway through it, the actual product came loose from the package and the stick started falling out entirely if I tipped it at an angle. As I came closer to finishing it, it became tough enough for me to keep the deodorant from falling on the floor that it stopped being worth it. These two flaws wouldn’t necessarily be a deal-breaker if the formula was amazing, but they were definitely annoying.

Earth Science Liken Plant Deodorant ($6.95)
Earth Science Liken Plant Deodorant ($6.95)
Earth Science Liken Plant Deodorant (click to enlarge)
Earth Science Liken Plant Deodorant (click to enlarge)

Earth Science Liken Plant Deodorant, Herbal Scent ($6.95)

Earth Science is a brand I don’t know much about, but I decided to try this deodorant on a whim. They offer an unscented version and an herbal scent, and I tried the scented option. The herbal scent is very subtle and quite pleasant … but very subtle. I feel like I have to take in deep whiffs in order to really smell it, and I don’t find that the scent is noticeable on the skin at all. The website claims that this deodorant won’t cause irritation thanks to the lichen extract in it, which is fairly high on the ingredients list.

I do indeed find this one to be really gentle and pleasant to use. My skin has been irritated by a few natural deodorants, and this one is really kind to my skin. I love everything about this one except the level of effectiveness. It just doesn’t work throughout a whole day for me, and I gave up early on it because I didn’t want to feel like I needed to keep my arms at my side by the end of the day because there’s a possibility I might smell. However, I’m not going to throw this one away quite yet as it might be nice to have on hand for a bit, what with the weather cooling down and all.

Kiss My Face Active Life Deodorant ($5.99)
Kiss My Face Active Life Deodorant ($5.99)
Kiss My Face Active Life Deodorant (click to enlarge)
Kiss My Face Active Life Deodorant (click to enlarge)

Kiss My Face Active Life Deodorant, Cucumber Green Tea ($5.99)

Kiss My Face is one of those brands that I’ve heard of but have never tried, so this was another purchase motivated by price and a quick glance at the back of the product. This one’s a cucumber and green tea scent, which is very fresh and pleasant but not particularly strong. The website doesn’t boast any ingredients or qualities in particular besides long-lasting odor control, but you can see in the ingredients that besides plant extracts, there’s also a good amount of aloe and witch hazel, as well as baking soda further down the list.

Third time’s a charm, right? This one works nicely for me, and the product isn’t falling apart! This is also the cheapest of the three, but not by a whole lot. I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks and I will say I’ve noticed that the skin under my arms is a little bit dry and flaky. This isn’t a terribly uncommon reaction for me, and though I’m not certain I suspect that witch hazel is the culprit. It’s not unmanageable, but I’ve started applying a little aloe and body lotion to my underarms after I get out of the shower to give my skin a boost of moisture. I’m not experiencing any redness or itchiness, thankfully. I can’t call this deodorant my soul mate, but I’ll keep using it for sure.


All three of these are available at Whole Foods and Vitacost. I found each of them on sale at Whole Foods, but it looks like Vitacost sells them for a bit cheaper. Have you tried any of these, or do you have any favorite natural deodorants?

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    1. I agree, it’s hard and I definitely think it takes patience for trying different options. And a willingness to run back to the store a few days later when I realize what I previously bought just doesn’t work! I hope you find something that works for you, when you do I’d love to hear about it!

    1. It’s tricky for sure! I really enjoyed the way the Tom’s lavender deodorant smelled, but it didn’t work for me and that was another one I tossed before I used it up. It’s so cheap, though!

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