Derma MD Eliminate & Lighten Eye Cream

December 23, 2014
Derma MD Eliminate & Lighten Eye Cream ($58.95 for 0.5 oz.)
Derma MD Eliminate & Lighten Eye Cream ($58.95 for 0.5 oz.)

The Derma MD Eliminate & Lighten eye cream has been an important part of my routine lately. Just from a label perspective, it has tons of appeal for me because it’s advertised to be an all-in-one kind of product, with the ability to moisturize, brighten, de-puff, smooth lines, and generally encourage a more youthful appearance.

I did write a brief initial review of this product in my post covering all of the Derma MD products I’ve had the chance to try out, but I wanted to take some time and talk through the qualities, ingredients, and some of my longer-term observations of this cream. Basically, my initial thoughts were positive but I wasn’t completely over the moon. The jar says “puffiness – dark circles – lines”, and after 30 days I wasn’t seeing a huge difference in my dark circles and lines, but definitely noticed it reduced puffiness, which I appreciate. Now I’ve been using the eye cream for about 2 months, and I can be more thorough in discussing the cream’s merits.

Puffiness: My eyes are definitely prone to puffiness, and have been my whole life. I used to be able to drink water in the evening to reduce puffiness in the morning, but this has since lost its effect – these days I drink about 1.5 liters of water in the evening, and it doesn’t seem to do anything special for my eyes anymore. A couple of weeks into using this cream, I noticed I wasn’t waking up with puffiness anymore, and that alone is enough to keep me reaching for it. The ingredient that’s pulling the weight here is chrysanthemum extract, I believe, which provides anti-inflammatory benefits and stimulates microcirculation. Chamomile extract, located just before chrysanthemum on the ingredients, might also be providing some anti-inflammatory benefits.

Darkness: I think it’s worth mentioning the fact that a topical cream is unlikely to be able to correct dark circles, as there are hereditary, genetic, and other factors like sleep, diet, and alcohol consumption at play. Although the jar says “dark circles,” the language on Derma MD’s website focuses on the lightening of dark pigment around the eye, so if you find that you have some dark skin pigmentation then this eye cream may in fact have the ability to help you with that, but I wouldn’t necessarily be able to confirm this myself as it isn’t a concern of mine. The ingredients that can aid in lightening and evening skin tone in this eye cream include vitamin C, licorice root, mulberry extract, L-arbutin, and kojic acid. Licorice root and mulberry extract are particularly high in the ingredients, fifth and sixth from the top.

Lines: I’m 28, so I don’t have huge issues with deep lines around my eyes, but I do have some fine lines growing underneath my eyes and a general concern for keeping my eyelids from drooping as I age. While using this cream, I’ve experienced a slight but not particularly pronounced reduction in the lines under my eyes. I think that if lines and wrinkles are really your primary concern, I’d recommend taking a look at an eye cream that isn’t such an all-rounder and packs more of a punch in this one department, but for someone in a similar position as me, this cream works well. Vitamin C helps promote elasticity and collagen production, and there’s also a bit of glycolic acid near the bottom of the ingredients which can help smooth skin and promote cell renewal.

Hydration: The skin around my eyes is definitely prone to dehydration, and even in the depths of summer I can develop scaly dry patches toward the inner corner of my eyes, and dehydration will also emphasize any fine lines around my eyes. This cream works without being overkill, and I appreciate that it seems to be impossible to over-apply – it never ever interferes with my makeup. The formulation includes aloe, sesame seed oil, and shea butter and the texture is lightweight and it sets on the skin quickly. I apply the cream all around my eye, from the lower contour up to my eye brow, and the thing I wanted to say about this aspect of the cream is that in the past couple of weeks I’ve noticed that my skin feels remarkably soft. It took a month and a half before this became apparent to me, but now it’s become really great, obvious improvement that I’m noticing on a daily basis.

Overall: I’ve found that my skin is looking pretty good and feeling really soft. This eye cream definitely reduces the puffiness I experience in the morning, and I’ve seen a modest improvement in my fine lines. There has been no noticeable improvement in my dark circles, though I don’t find that to be terribly surprising, considering how many other factors there are that influence dark circles. After the 30-day mark, my skin became noticeably softer and that’s a benefit I’m really enjoying!

Ingredients: water (aqua), aloe vera gel, caprylic/capric triglyceride, sesame seed oil, glycrrhiza glabra (licorice root) extract, mulberry extract (morus alba), chamomile extract, chrysanthemum extracts, stearic acid, dimethicone, shea butter, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, wheat amino acids, allantoin, L-arbutin, kojic acid, glycolic acid, phenoxyethanol and grapeseed extract.

I think this is a really nice, basic eye cream that has been gently improving the quality of my skin. The ingredients list isn’t too complicated and there’s no added fragrance, and I think it would work for a lot of people.

You can find the Eliminate & Lighten eye cream at Derma MD, and it costs $58.95 for 0.5 oz. Derma MD has kindly offered readers 40% off of an entire purchase using the code dermamd40.

What eye cream have you been loving lately?

This product was provided to me by Derma MD. All opinions are my own.

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