Ceutical Plus Aqua Collagen Cleanser, Lotion, and Cream

January 6, 2015
Ceutical Plus Aqua Collagen facial cleanser, lotion, and cream ($16.50-25.50)
Ceutical Plus Aqua Collagen facial cleanser, lotion, and cream ($16.50-25.50)

I tried to find some fun and reasonably priced skincare products when I was in Asia in September, and while in Taiwan a Sasa sales associate pointed me toward a popular Taiwanese brand called Ceutical Plus. She gave me a demonstration of a few products on my hand and I was able to take advantage of a 3 for 2 deal, so I walked away with three products from the Aqua Collagen Moisture line: a cleanser, lightweight lotion, and thicker cream.

In the US, these products from Ceutical Plus are available on Sasa’s website and while the prices seem to be higher than what I paid while in Taiwan, they aren’t absurd by any means (the US prices are what I’m including below). The website provides limited information and does not include ingredients, but I’ll share photos of the ingredients lists for each of these three products at the bottom of this post.

Ceutical Plus Aqua Collagen facial cleanser, lotion, and cream
Ceutical Plus Aqua Collagen facial cleanser, lotion, and cream
Ceutical Plus Aqua Collagen facial cleanser, lotion, and cream
Ceutical Plus Aqua Collagen facial cleanser, lotion, and cream

Ceutical Plus Aqua Collagen Hydration Cleanser … $16.50 for 5 oz.

I’ll start with the cleanser, and I wanted to include a shot of it with my hand to show just how big the bottle is. It comes with 5 oz. of product, which really is a lot, and this is also a case where not much product is needed for each use. The cleanser comes out of the squeeze tube looking creamy and slippery, but when mixed with water it froths quite a bit and is easy to smooth over a large surface area of skin. In the evenings I always use a dedicated makeup remover first before going in with the cleanser.

Ceutical Plus Aqua Collagen facial cleanser
Ceutical Plus Aqua Collagen facial cleanser

I like the tube itself, which withstands travel like a champ. The top twists closed and in all of the traveling I’ve had to do since picking this up in Asia, the top stays clean and no cleanser has leaked at all.

Since the cleanser froths so much, it’s really pleasant to use, but it’s more powerful than I might expect a self-proclaimed hydrating cleanser to be. My skin feels squeaky clean, though not overly dry, and it does sting my eyes so I’m careful about bringing it into the eye area. It seems to be really effective and I’m using it during the winter when skin tends to get dry anyways, and it hasn’t caused me any problems. A gentler formulation would just be my personal preference.

Ceutical Plus Aqua Collagen lotion
Ceutical Plus Aqua Collagen moisture lotion

Ceutical Plus Aqua Collagen Moisture Lotion … $21.50 for 1.7 oz.

While I had initially ventured into the Sasa looking for a cleanser, this lotion ended up being the product I was most intrigued by. That’s because Asian skincare regimens often include layering multiple lighter-weight hydrating products slowly onto skin, rather than just using one moisturizer as a final step. This is supposed to lock moisture into skin more effectively, and I really wanted to see how this worked on my skin.

This lotion is a very light, milky fluid that comes out of a pump bottle. I took to using it right after toner, as it is lighter in texture than even my serums and it sinks into skin quicker, as well. I love including this extra step in my routine and feel like it leaves my skin feeling soft and somewhat plump, but not fully hydrated – I still definitely need another moisturizer layered on top before moving on with the rest of my day. I was surprised to see olive oil in the ingredients, since the lotion is so light, and it also includes hyaluronic acid, allantoin, glycerin, and collagen.

I think it’s difficult to determine how much of a difference this extra step ultimately makes in my skin, but I do really like it an I’m pretty sold on the whole multi-layer skin hydration philosophy. I just recently ran out of this lotion (you can see it in my December empties) and I’m curious to see if I can find a similar kind of product on American store shelves. At the very least, this product helped me see my skincare routine a little differently.

Ceutical Plus Aqua Collagen Cream
Ceutical Plus Aqua Collagen Moisture Cream

Ceutical Plus Aqua Collagen Moisture Cream … $25.50 for 1.7 oz.

This cream is a really nice, simple cream that feels great on the skin. It’s substantial in texture, but it dries on skin pretty quickly and I don’t feel overly moisturized or the least bit sticky when I use it. It’s water-based but includes some silicone, and I think that really helps the cream feel smooth and dry on skin while also providing an occlusive barrier keeping moisture inside. Although when I have it on I can basically forget that it’s there, when I next wash my face I can feel that I’m washing the cream off. So, I know it sticks around.

This cream also includes hyaluronic acid, shea butter, and collagen. The box says that the formulation is meant to not just moisturize skin but also help to soothe and repair it, and I do find that it makes my skin feel very comfortable. This cream is fragrance-free (the other two products have fragrance in the ingredients, but I don’t find that they smell like a whole lot – mostly just clean).

I really enjoy the texture of this cream and it works really nicely for my combination skin, but I’ve found that the silicones can sometimes react with other products on my skin and pill off if I rub it too much. That’s the real bummer for me, as I don’t love to tiptoe around my skincare products, but whether this would be a problem for you will entirely depend on whatever products you’re using. For me, it doesn’t happen all the time.

The cream also came with a little white spatula, though it wasn’t very practical for me to keep that little guy around while traveling so much and I either chucked it or lost it – I’m not sure which.

Now I’ll share some photos of the ingredients list, which I thought I’d group at the end of the post since the photos have to be pretty large in order to be legible. White text on light a light blue background is unkind to eyes.

Ceutical Plus Aqua Collagen Cleanser Ingredients
Ceutical Plus Aqua Collagen Cleanser Ingredients
Ceutical Plus Aqua Collagen Lotion Ingredients
Ceutical Plus Aqua Collagen Lotion Ingredients
Ceutical Plus Aqua Collagen Moisture Cream Ingredients
Ceutical Plus Aqua Collagen Moisture Cream Ingredients (click to enlarge)

In general, these have been fun to try and I’ve enjoyed the products. This was a nice vacation purchase, and it’s nice to see I could order products from Ceutical Plus in the US if I wanted to. Have you grabbed any awesome skincare while abroad? Are you into the extensive skincare routines that are so popular in Asia? Would love to hear your thoughts.

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