Holika Holika Apple Shine Peeling Sheet

January 19, 2015
Holika Holika Apple Shine Peeling Mask
Holika Holika Apple Shine Peeling Sheet ($1.99)

I received the Apple Shine Peeling Mask as a free sample when I visited a Holika Holika store in Taipei. I wasn’t entirely sure what it was before I opened it up, and it took me a moment to figure out how exactly it works! This is a pad that includes both physical scrubby exfoliators plus a serum with fruit enzymes for a mild peel treatment to clean and polish skin for a more even and luminous appearance.

Holika Holika Apple Shine Peeling Sheet
Holika Holika Apple Shine Peeling Sheet

The pad is double sided and allows your fingers to slip inside. I had actually been expecting something more like a sheet mask so this was a surprise, but the design is intuitive enough. The directions on the back of mine were entirely in Korean, so the first time I used it I gently wiped it over my skin, left the serum on for about 10 minutes, and then washed it off. The serum felt really gentle, there’s no tingling and it doesn’t feel drying, it just dries down and feels soft and smooth on skin extremely quickly.

I noticed that I still had a lot of serum in the package, so I decided to put the pad back in and store it away for one more use. Since the product seemed fairly mild, the next evening I decided to give my skin a better scrub with the pad. The scrubbies on it aren’t very rough and they do sort of fall apart with vigorous use (the pad itself stayed perfectly intact), so that’s sort of a nice safeguard against over-exfoliating. I left the serum on for a few minutes again and then rinsed.

After the first night of use I didn’t see a dramatic change in my skin, but after the second more vigorous use I noticed that the next morning my skin did look quite nice. Redness was down a bit, things looked fresh and even, and some breakouts were actually calmed, as well. Now that I’m taking a closer look at the product online, the Holika Holika Canada site says it’s appropriate for those with sensitive skin, and I’d have to agree, everything about it was pretty gentle. The ingredients include alcohol high up on the list, but there’s also water and glycerine nearby, and so I really don’t feel the typical drying effects I might otherwise expect from a quick glance at the list.

The ingredients also include a lot of fruit and plant extracts including apple and papaya which I assume assist with acid exfoliation, though the information online doesn’t say anything about this. I’m guided by the labeling of this as a “peel” and by highlighting the apple very clearly on the package. There is a tart apple scent that smells kind of fake, but I wasn’t overwhelmed by it. I generally thought this was really nice to use and I’d definitely reach for it every now and then if I had more at hand.

The Apple Shine Peeling Sheet costs $2 here in the US, and can be found on Holika Holika’s Canadian site and Momomango (US & Canada), as well as Ebay and that kind of thing.

Have you tried anything like this before? Are you a fan of exfoliating pads?

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