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Five beauty resolutions for 2015

January 21, 2015
Wishing you peace and happiness in the new year
Wishing you peace and happiness in the new year. Swan and koi in Chengdu, China.

I’ve taken my time gathering my thoughts about resolutions for 2015, and though it’s late in the month we’re still early in the new year, with plenty of time to work on personal changes. Like last year, I was able to come up with five beauty-related goals that I’d like to pursue. These also sort of build on my goals I set forward for 2014, so I’ll quickly revisit those first.

Revisiting my resolutions for 2014:

1. Explore natural beauty products. I specifically mentioned switching to natural deodorants and shampoos, which is definitely something I followed through with. I fully transitioned to natural deodorant back in March and kept exploring different brands throughout the year, and I’ve also continued to use shampoos and conditioners with fewer ingredients, gentler surfectants, and less silicone.

2. Explore dietary supplements. I started out strong here, but as we traveled for about 6 months of the year I ended up falling off the train. The trouble is keeping stock of them as well as making sure they aren’t exposed to temperature changes. However, I did notice that a good mix of B vitamins helped my nails grow in noticeably smoother! This is a longer term goal that I’ll continue to keep in mind going forward.

3. Try out more indie cosmetics. Although it may be kind of difficult to see on the blog, I did experiment with a handful of indie brands that were new to me over the last year. Because the products are a lot of single loose powder pots, they were another difficulty as I traveled. This year I will continue exploring new indie brands as well as feature them in the blog on a more regular basis.

4. Wear bolder colors. I tend to stick with more easy, natural looks on a day to day basis, especially when in foreign countries, but when I’m working from home and just generally hanging out, I think I’ve been doing an ok job at this! I’m still working on learning different techniques for integrating or blending different colors, so perhaps another goal for this year could be to simply learn more refined techniques for using vibrant colors.

5. Drink more water. I’ve actually made a lot of progress in this regard, and a great help was having a Camelback water bottle that’s easy to keep around and use, even when I’m reclined in bed. I tend to drink a lot of water in the evening but not in the morning, which I think is the opposite of what I should be doing, so there’s room for improvement. But I generally get thirsty in the evening and have a habit of drinking at least 1.5 liters a day (two full refills of the bottle).

Ok, now for some new goals for 2015:

1. Become more familiar with natural base products. I’m specifically interested in trying out more natural foundations and tinted moisturizers. Over the past year I’ve enjoyed using natural, ingredient-conscious loose mineral foundation as well as a lightly tinted moisturizer with fantastic ingredients, and I’m just really curious about other brands and products that might be better for my increasingly sensitive skin. I feel like this goal is somewhat vague (what constitutes “natural”, exactly?) but it was the first one to come to mind, as it’s an area of the market I’m just not that familiar with.

2. Try some indie nail polishes. This builds on my 2014 goal of trying out more indie cosmetic brands, and over the past 4 or 5 months I’ve watched a lot of YouTubers who are really enthusiastic about indie nail polish brands. It looks like you can get some really beautiful stuff, and I love supporting these kinds of small businesses run by really creative and passionate people.

3. Try new brands. There are a few brands that I’m really curious about but haven’t ever tried because you can only buy their products from their official website rather than encounter them in a Sephora or Walgreens. I’ve still never made a Makeup Geek order, I’d really like to try some Paula’s Choice skincare, and I just recently built a pretty large wish list on the Innisfree website. Other brands that come to mind are Juice Beauty and Aesop. I think this goal mainly requires me to be really conscious of my purchasing and not automatically spend money in my normal places in such a haphazard way.

4. Resist the high end. As much as I love buying and exploring beauty products, I work in the arts for a modest income and try to build my life so that I can travel, eat well, and all that sort of stuff. The truth is I don’t feel like I have any business spending $50 on a foundation or $30 on a mascara, for example, and with the size of the market, it’s possible to find great products for less money. I buy an occasional treat, but need to stop repurchasing high end products (ahem, NARS tinted moisturizer) and make sure I’m exploring other areas of the market.

5. Experiment with diet. This past fall I quit birth control pills because I was becoming weirdly sensitive to them, and for the last few months my skin has definitely suffered as a result. I know diet can help influence the appearance of skin especially when it comes to acne, and so I’d really like to learn more about how food affects me. Current ideas include eating more seeds, experimenting with foods rich in vitamin A, and buying a good blender to make fruit and veggie smoothies on a regular basis.

I think these resolutions are really an exercise in becoming more purposeful in my personal care habits and beauty product purchasing. I’ll still be spending money, but I can be more careful and organized about how I’m doing it and making sure I remember to try out the brands I’ve been neglecting!

Do you make resolutions? I’d love to hear about the goals you have for the coming year!

A holy lake in Tibet, with prayer flags waving in the wind
A holy lake in Tibet, with prayer flags waving in the wind


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  1. These are great resolutions. Trying new brands is also something I want to do this year. I tend to stick with brands I know but its good to venture out and explore. At the same time, I also need to watch my spending on beauty stuff – it’s so easy to get carried away.

    1. Hey Tamara! Yeah, there’s a balance between spending at the places I want to and resisting the stuff I’m surrounded by at the drugstore and at Sephora, for sure! Which brands are you hoping to try?

    1. Hey Maeve, I’ll have to take a look at those brands, as well! I’d love to hear what awesome natural products you discover in the coming months. And, thank you!

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