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Formula X Sheer Strength in Tenacious

April 15, 2015
Formula X Sheer Strength nail polish in Tenacious ($12.50)
Formula X Sheer Strength nail polish in Tenacious ($12.50)

Formula X recently released some new nail strengthening polishes that give a sheer tint to nails. There are 10 shades in the Sheer Strength line including, nudes, creams, taupes, pinks, and a purple, and they’re formulated to strengthen, nourish, and hydrate nails with keratin and botanicals. I grabbed the shade called Tenacious, which is described as a sheer linen porcelain.

I was really interested in trying one of the Sheer Strength shades asap because:

1. My nails are always a mess, especially when I paint them frequently. They’re weak and will peel a lot.

2. Sheer tinted polishes remind me of my grandmother, who favored a sheer pink coat on her nails for an elegant look.

3. The Formula X polish I’ve previously tried has been fantastic, and the prices aren’t too bad.

I’ve applied Tenacious twice now and have been wearing it for about a week and a half. First of all, this is a 3-free formula (no dibutyl phthalate, toluene, and formaldehyde) and it doesn’t smell bad. I’m always very thankful when nail polishes don’t stink, it means quite a bit to me!

Between two applications on both my fingers and toes, I’ve fooled around with how many coats to use. It’s very sheer with just one, just so you know. I prefer to have 3 coats on my fingers and 2 on my toes – I’m generally worse at painting my toes, so I think my coats just end up being heavier, if that makes sense.

Formula X Sheer Strength nail polish in Tenacious
Formula X Sheer Strength nail polish in Tenacious

I mean, it’s pretty! The color isn’t anything spectacular, but I feel like it looks put-together. It’s shiny and creates an even, barely-there nude tint. The coats go on nicely and it dries quickly. I thought my nails felt a little stronger after applying it the first time, but the better test will be if I use it in between other strength-sapping polishes which otherwise destroy the integrity of my nails. I was able to leave it on my nails for about a week before I started to see obvious chipping, so it lasts well enough.

In truth, I think a lot of the shades in the line look really similar and I’d imagine they’re difficult to differentiate once they’re on the nail, so you won’t need to collect them all. Still, I think I may grab a pink shade in the future. These sheer polishes may lack excitement, but they’re absolutely practical.

Formula X Sheer Strength nail polish in Tenacious
Formula X Sheer Strength nail polish in Tenacious

The Formula X Sheer Strength nail polishes are $12.50 ($2 more than their normal shades of polish but $1.50 less than their original clear nail strengthener and nail hydrator) and are available exclusively at Sephora. Sephora originals including the Formula X line have not been tested on animals, and while Sephora Collection products are sold in China and thus required by Chinese law to be tested on animals before entering the market, I don’t believe the Formula X line is exported to China.

Have you tried these yet? Are you a fan?

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