Concrete Minerals mineral eyeshadows x11

May 25, 2015
Concrete Minerals mineral eyeshadows
Concrete Minerals mineral eyeshadows

I have been meaning to talk about Concrete Minerals for a while now, and today I want to share the eyeshadows that I purchased this past Black Friday. Concrete Minerals is a vegan, cruelty-free indie brand that offers a huge selection of loose eyeshadows and their formula is really, really nice. The shades I’m chatting about today are Lolita, Vanity, Rocked, Juvenile, Ruse, Mad Hatter, Arsenic, Nocturne, Bat-Breaker, Wicked, and Tinseltown.

The first thing I’ll point out is that as I was looking through their website for this review, I noticed that several of these shades are no longer online. My assumption is that they’ve been discontinued, but I’m going to still talk about them in case they return at some point.

I only own shadows from Concrete’s mineral line, but they also have a Pro Matte line of shadows which I will most certainly try at some point in the future. The mineral shadows all have some level of shimmer to them, and some of them also have some sparkle, as well. Mineral shadows are $8 each and Pro Matte shadows are $9 each, and Concrete offers a small number of collections and bundle deals. If you buy 8 or more mineral shadows at once, they’ll knock down the price to $7 each. The brand also carries vegan lip tints and a few other pieces like an eye primer and a makeup bag.

Concrete Minerals mineral eyeshadows
Concrete Minerals mineral eyeshadows

Over the past couple of months they’ve updated their product labeling, so these days jars have sleeker branding on the top than mine do. The downside of their jars, which have opaque lids and stickers covering the bottom, is that it’s hard to see the shades in them so I kind of feel like I have to have my collection memorized. They have a sifter inside, and I appreciate that the holes are few in number and small in size so that powder isn’t constantly falling through them.

Concrete Minerals mineral eyeshadows
Concrete Minerals mineral eyeshadows (pictured: Vanity)
Concrete Minerals mineral eyeshadow sifter (pictured: Ruse)
Concrete Minerals mineral eyeshadow sifter (pictured: Ruse)

I’ll talk through each of the shades and further down the post there will be photos of some of the shades on my eyes. All arm swatches are on bare skin (no primer) and are applied dry.

The warmer shades:

Concrete Minerals Rocked, Juvenile, Vanity, Ruse, Mad Hatter, Arsenic
Concrete Minerals Rocked, Juvenile, Vanity, Ruse, Mad Hatter, Arsenic (click to enlarge)

Rocked: A peachy nude, slightly shimmery and a little bit sparkly. I’ve received this one as a free sample twice now and I believe it’s one of Concrete’s more popular shades, but this one doesn’t do a lot for me since it looks so similar to my skin tone. The micro-glitter falls down on my face a little when I apply it dry, but it could be super pretty if foiled or used in conjunction with a sticky base to intensify the sheen and sparkle.

Juvenile: Concrete describes this as an acid green with turquoise sparkle, though I’d personally say it’s a cool yellow. Very pretty. As with most light and bright shadows, this one would benefit from a white base so that the color is able to stand out as much as possible. Because it’s a brighter one, I don’t reach for this as much as the others but I’m looking forward to using it as an accent for summer looks.

Vanity: This is a slightly cooler-toned gold, as it doesn’t lean all that yellow, with a lovely shimmer and some silver sparkle. I think this color would look beautiful on just about everyone. I love wearing golds, so I’ll have no problem reaching for this one a lot. I’d say that in general the sparkle is less obvious in this shade, and I don’t remember seeing any of it fall down on my cheeks when I applied the shadow dry to my eyelids.

Ruse: I expected this one to be a more vivid orange, but I guess I neglected to see Concrete’s description of it, because they call it a bronze. In reality I think it’s somewhere in between – maybe an orange-leaning gold? There’s some gold sparkle in it, and a little bit fell down when I applied it dry but it wasn’t a mess by any means.

Mad Hatter: Mad Hatter and Arsenic were two shades I couldn’t decide between, so I purchased them both. Concrete describes them differently, but they ended up being even more similar than I anticipated (though I think they look more similar in heavy swatches than they do on the eye). Mad Hatter is described as a dramatic reddish-purple with green sparkle. To me, it’s a purple-leaning brown and the brighter color of the glitter really stands out against the darker shadow. This shade is beautiful, and my personal favorite between the two shadows.

Arsenic: Concrete calls this a shimmery red-brown with blue undertones. Even when used dry, this one has a prominent bluish sheen and doesn’t have any sparkle. It looks a tiny bit sickly on me when I use it all over my eye (more so than Mad Hatter) but it’s still fun, and it’s a really nice accent color for the socket or lashline as well.


The cooler shades:

Concrete Minerals Wicked, Tinseltown,
Concrete Minerals Wicked, Tinseltown, Lolita, Bat Breaker, Nocturne (click to enlarge)

Wicked: Concrete calls this a medium purple with aquamarine shift. It has a lovely glow to it and is great for an ethereal look. It’s not the kind of color I wear a lot, but it’s undeniably beautiful.

Tinseltown: This one was a limited edition holiday shade, and I’m hoping they bring it back in the future. It’s a gorgeous silver-taupe-lilac with lots of sparkle.

Lolita: This one’s described as a shimmery taupe with pink undertones. When it comes to applying it dry, I think I’ll want to use some kind of colored base. This shade alone doesn’t quite do it for me, it looks like a fairly ordinary gray to me and I thought the photo online looked a little more beige. That being said, it’s still easy to reach for on a day-to-day basis because it isn’t too deep.

Bat-Breaker: This was originally from an Arkham collection and I see a note on Concrete’s Instagram saying that this shadow is indeed discontinued. That’s a shame, because I think it’s my favorite one out of this cool-toned batch of shadows. It’s a rich steel gray with a lovely sheen.

Nocturne: A very dark, sparkly green, that has unfortunately been discontinued. I bought this one because I previously received a sample of Kinky which is similarly dark and sparkly but more teal in color, and that shadow is absolutely stunning. I think that Concrete does these kinds of dark shades really well, and if you’re looking for something similar I do recommend Kinky.


In a nutshell: 

Concrete’s mineral shadows are among the most long-wearing shadows that I own, and in general they’re also some of my favorites. They’re easy to apply and diffuse and are exceptionally crease-resistant. I really like to moisturize my eye area well, and even with expensive primers and shadows from companies like Too Faced and Urban Decay I find my shadow will start to crease by the end of a workday, but I can actually rely on these to last. The only fallout I experience is occasionally with the shadows that have some micro-glitter in them, but the colors themselves never falls onto my cheeks either during application or throughout the day.

In terms of texture, I’d describe them as very soft and if applied dry, the color sometimes needs to be layered a bit in order to build them to full opacity. The other side of that coin is that they’re very forgiving and I don’t find that I accidentally apply too much. I’m drawn to their shade selection, as well, and want to keep expanding my collection.

Here are photos of me wearing some of the shades. I’ve focused on using the shadows that are still available on Concrete’s website, and these looks are also mostly tame and daytime-friendly.

Sephora Teint Infusion, L'Oreal CC Eye, Laura Mercier translucent powder, Chocolate Soleil, Ginger Pop, True Match liquid concealer, Choc Soleil and Nyx brow pencil, Voluminous Carbon Black, TF 3-way liner. Concrete Vanity (lid and outer 1/2 of lower) and Vice LTD shadows (Roadstripe, Anonymous, Laced)
Concrete Minerals Vanity (lid)
Concrete Minerals Rocked (inner lid), Ruse (center lid), and Mad Hatter (eye contour)
Concrete Minerals Rocked and Ruse (lid), Mad Hatter (crease), Arsenic (liner)
Concrete Minerals Ruse (lid)
Concrete Minerals Ruse (lid)
Concrete Minerals Lolita (lid)
Concrete Minerals Lolita (lid)
Concrete Minerals Mad Hatter (crease and outer corner)
Concrete Minerals Mad Hatter (crease, outer corner, and soft liner)
Concrete Minerals Mad Hatter (lid)
Concrete Minerals Mad Hatter (lid)
Concrete Minerals Arsenic (lid)
Concrete Minerals Arsenic (lid)

Have you tried Concrete Minerals out before? I’d love to hear what you think, as well as what your favorite shades are!

  1. I have never heard of this brand but it sounds pretty awesome! I don’t play around with pigments much, I think they just seem a little intimidating. If I had to pick a favourite it would be Mad Hatter 🙂 It looks lovely on you!

    1. If it helps, I find that these work very much the same as pressed eyeshadows, so I don’t take any particular precautions with them. Although Mad Hatter is pretty unique color, it’s also really useful! Thanks, Megan Joy, hope you’re having a good week!

    1. I’m a big ol’ sucker for gold, and Vanity is really lovely for sure. Loose shadows are fun, and you always get so much product in the jar!

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