Black Paint’s Vegetable Oil – Age Eraser Moisture Boost

February 24, 2016
Black Paint Vegetable Oil
Black Paint Vegetable Oil ($23.96 for 50 ml)

I have a Japanese facial oil to talk about today, which has just recently been released in the US. The Vegetable Oil by Black Paint, which I believe will be launching in the US as the Age Eraser Moisture Boost, is a blend of 10 organic botanical oils and can be used to both remove makeup and moisturize and nourish skin.

It comes in a sturdy little plastic bottle containing 50 ml, which is a pretty good amount – I’ve noticed it’s twice the amount of the Nature Republic Argan 20 Real Squeeze Ampoule (recently mentioned here), for example. The US retail price is $23.96, but they are currently offering daily deals on this page leading up to the release of the product on their main site.

The 10 ingredients are: grape seed oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, olive fruit oil, orange oil, rose flower oil, clary oil, cananga odorata flower oil, mandarin orange peel oil, and pelargonium graveolens oil. All of the oils are organic, and there isn’t any added fragrance.

The brand describes it as both a makeup remover and moisturizer, and emphasizes that it’s great for improving skin elasticity and healing dry patches on skin. I’ve personally been using it as a moisturizer over the past few of weeks. It does a fine job removing makeup, as moist oils do, but it doesn’t emulsify with water and so I prefer to reach for makeup removers that are perhaps a little more convenient and don’t necessarily have ingredients for treating the skin. If this oil is really formulated to nourish, then I’d much rather keep it on rather than wash it off as I cleanse my skin.

I’m really enjoying it as a moisturizing facial oil. The descriptions make it seem like it’s great for the driest skin types, but I don’t think it feels heavy and I think those with normal or combination skin can use and enjoy it, too. My skin is combination but does dry out kind of easily and I sometimes deal with more seriously dry skin in certain areas of my face.

The oil smells really nice and feels silky. I’ve been using this mostly at night, as it adds a wonderful moisture boost to my routine and I tend to go heavier with the hydration at night in general. I have a few oils on hand right now and if my skin is feeling dry during the day, I use a very small amount of that Nature Republic Argan ampoule that I mentioned earlier patted into my driest areas because it has a thinner texture and seems like a better fit for the daytime. I’m not someone who tends to have good luck wearing oils under my makeup during the day (perhaps because I’m not the driest of the dry), so if I must do it I keep it super minimal.

This one from Black Paint feels slightly more substantial, and I like to apply 2-3 drops to my face in the evening and then add a moisturizing cream over top. Normally at this time of year I’d be tempted to use a heavier oily balm either on top of or instead of my cream, something like Alaffia’s Africa’s Secret (which I was reaching for regularly this past fall) or Egyptian Magic (which I currently have on my nightstand and love to use on my lips and hands in particular). Right now, though, the combination of the Vegetable Oil and my moisturizing cream has kept my skin really comfortable and hydrated and I haven’t been layering anything else over them.

So, it’s a nice, rich oil that makes my skin feel nourished but isn’t too heavy. It also has a really pleasant, natural botanical scent and a silky texture. Black Paint touts grape seed oil’s ability to fight free radical damage and restore collagen, and so they’ve formulated it with daily damage and early signs of aging in mind. The pricing seems reasonable to me, and daily deals are offered while it’s being promoted on a separate page (I’ll provide an update when the product moves to their normal US site).

Has your skin been holding up this winter? Do you have a favorite facial oil? Would love to hear!

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