6 products from the Re’au Botanical Plus skincare line

March 2, 2016
Re'au Botanical Plus A
Re’au Botanical Plus A firming lift cream (rich moist)

When I was in Japan I was very close to running out of moisturizer, so I figured that while I was shopping around I might as well specifically look for one. A Tokyu Hands associate showed me the Re’au line, letting me know it was very natural and that I’d notice tighter skin within just 2 weeks. In addition to purchasing the cream, I was also given samples of the rest of the brand’s line, as well, and had the chance to try all 6 products that the store offered.

Right off the bat I want to say that I can’t find any information about this brand in English online, so my hope here is to be as helpful as I can. Considering the special display and the way it was promoted to me in-store, as well as the lack of info, my guess is that it’s a newer launch. I don’t read Japanese so I can’t say a whole lot about the claims and ingredients, unfortunately. I’ll let you know what I think of each product, though.

The line is called Botanical Plus A, so the basic idea is that the products use botanically derived ingredients and perhaps a little vitamin A. I don’t think there’s any added fragrance in any of them; the packaging for my full sized moisturizer says “100% natural aroma”.

If memory serves, all of these were priced in the $10-23 range. The prices seemed comparable to some of the brands I purchase in the US, like Andalou Naturals, where a cleanser costs around $10-13 and a moisturizer is more like $20-22.

Re'au Botanical Plus A skincare
Re’au Botanical Plus A skincare

I’ll go through the products in order of how they’re used in a skincare routine, ending with the heaviest moisturizer, which is the product I purchased and the one I can say the most about.

Perfect Clear Cleansing Oil: This a clear oil with an ok natural botanical-type smell. It emulsifies with water but doesn’t have a rich foam and a completely clean rinse-off the way that some cleansing oils do – perhaps it leaves a bit of softness behind because it’s formulated to hydrate the skin? Or maybe it’s extra natural so it doesn’t have as many extra ingredients to help with the rinse-off. Not sure. I generally found it fine but wasn’t blown away.

Moist Wash Foam: This is a foaming cleanser that’s supposed to be hydrating. It’s fairly gentle as far as foaming cleansers go, though I personally still found it a little drying and it stings my eyes. I find that to be par for the course for foaming cleansers. It’s totally decent if you like these kinds of products, but they aren’t the best for me. I received a couple of sample packets of the cleanser to try out. The scent is really subtle.

Brightening Moisture Lotion: Asian brands often use the term “lotion” for toners, and this is a watery, hydrating toner. I received a couple of sample packets of this one, and I enjoyed it. The scent is light and botanical, like a lot of the other products, but I’d describe this one as being a little fresher smelling. It has a way of instantly helping skin feel soft, smooth, and comfortable.

Hydrating Booster Serum: I actually received a mini vial of the serum rather than a sample packet, so I was able to use it for a full week. It’s a clear and has a lightweight gel texture, and I really liked this, it’s definitely hydrating without being heavy or greasy. This would be a potential future purchase for me.

Firming Lift Gel (Moist): This is the moisturizer formulated for oilier skin. I wouldn’t say this is a bad product by any means, but it was one of the products in the line that I was least impressed by. It’s a lightweight clear gel with barely any scent, but I found that it felt kind of sticky on my skin. I some on the back of my hand and the stickiness went away fairly quickly, but I just wasn’t too pleased with how it felt on my face. Perhaps layering it over a lotion or serum amplifies the stickiness, and thus it could work perfectly for someone with a minimalist routine.

Firming Lift Cream (Rich Moist): This moisturizer for drier skin is the one I purchased. The jar comes with 30 g or 1.05 oz. which is less than standard for a moisturizer – it’s normal to receive more like 1.75 oz. I find that when I get a smaller jar, the product seems to disappear pretty quickly on me. That was true for this one, too, especially considering I used it twice a day for a little bit of time. Unless you’re really dry, though, I suspect most people would prefer to just keep to using this at night because it does have a really substantial texture. The scent is very natural and botanical, as well as pleasant and not overly strong. I really liked this. The sales associate told me I could expect a lifting effect within 2 weeks, and you know what? I totally think I got that. It was pretty impressive. I enjoyed it quite a bit.


Overall, my favorites were the lotion, serum, and moisturizing cream!


Have you heard of this brand? If you’re in Japan, do you have any insights to add? I’d love to hear!

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