Black Radiance eyeshadow palette in 8030 Deeper the Berry

March 20, 2016
Black Radiance 8-pan eyeshadow palette in 8030 Deeper the Berry ($)
Black Radiance 8-pan Eye Appeal Shadow Collection in 8030 Deeper the Berry ($6.99)

Here’s a pretty springtime release that I found in drugstores recently! Today I want to share thoughts and swatches from the 8-pan Eye Appeal Shadow Collection from Black Radiance called Deeper the Berry, which costs $6.99 at drugstores. It has a really nice range of neutrals plus a little pop of purple and blue, making it a palette that’s easy and fun to reach for day to day.

Black Radiance palettes are manufactured by the same folks who make the Wet n Wild palettes, so they look exactly the same but come in different shade collections and cost about $2 more. Plus, their availability is a bit more limited than Wet n Wild, so you just need to find a drugstore location that carries their products (or you can shop online). But, also like Wet n Wild, they’re cruelty-free and still quite affordable.

From what I can tell, it looks like Black Radiance comes out with about 3 or so seasonal 8-pan palettes at a time, and just recently released Deeper the Berry, Downtown Browns, and Island Blues – you can see all 3 pictured here. I was drawn to both Downtown Browns and Deeper the Berry, but ultimately though the latter might be more versatile. The shades cover light bronze to taupe, plum, violet, and navy, and have both matte and luminous finishes.

Black Radiance 8-pan Eye Appeal Shadow Collection in 8030 Deeper the Berry
Black Radiance 8-pan Eye Appeal Shadow Collection in 8030 Deeper the Berry
Black Radiance 8-pan Eye Appeal Shadow Collection in 8030 Deeper the Berry
Black Radiance 8-pan Eye Appeal Shadow Collection in 8030 Deeper the Berry (no primer)

Here are the shades you get.

Light taupe (matte): This one has a very soft, powdery consistency and it’s the only one that doesn’t swatch well, but I actually find it very useful on the eye. I end up using this as a soft transition shade and it diffuses easily with a brush.

Pinky bronze (satin): This is an interesting color that has both bronze and mauve tones in it, but it really just reads as neutral on the eye, if that makes sense. This is another really useful shade for me that’s great for the daytime.

Deep brown (satin): A pretty deep brown, very useful and has a touch of shine to it. It has a bit of a plum tone to it but I think that mostly just stops it from looking more like a golden brown and helps it work better with the other shades – it definitely doesn’t read as plum.

Deep navy (matte): A really nice shade to have for defining the eye. It doesn’t come across as an intense blue, which I’d say helps it coordinate well with the other shades in the palette. Its soft texture makes it easy to create a smoky effect.

Peachy champagne (shimmer): I love that this palette, which is created with dark skin tones in mind, still has a shade that’s bright enough for me to use as a highlight. This is particularly lovely on the inner corner of the eye or right in the middle of the lid.

Light bronze (shimmer): More neutral and more shimmery than the earlier bronze shade, and a very useful one to have in the mix.

Saturated violet (satin): The most vibrant shade in the palette, and a really lovely springtime color. This requires either some building up or applying over a similarly-hued base for an opaque punch of color, but it does indeed build up, as you can see in the swatch (which is applied over bare skin, no primer). You can also layer it over one of the light neutral shades or create a soft haze above the eye socket for a more subtle look.

Deep plum (satin): Another useful eye-defining shade. In the photo this one and the deep blue look awfully similar, and I thought they looked a bit more distinct from each other in person. I think on the eyes the blue does look like a cooler color, and this one has a bit of sheen, while the blue does not.


In general, I really like this palette and think it’s really easy to use. The shadows err on the side of soft texture and somewhat gentle pigmentation, but I honestly don’t mind and it means that I don’t have to show a lot of caution for fear of going overboard. They aren’t dry or chalky and they look nice on the eyes. The colors build and I can get both natural daytime looks as well as more dramatic smoky effects, and I find they adhere and diffuse well when I prime my eyes as I normally do.

I’m really pleased to find that this palette is super useful for me – it has everything in it for a complete look except for a matte highlight. I’d say it’s $7 well spent.

I found mine at a Duane Reade drugstore, but Black Radiance has a store locator on their website and you can also shop online.

Have you found these palettes in a store near you? Are there any springtime drugstore releases that you’re really excited about?

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  1. I like the Black Radiance eyeshadow 8 pans as well as their quads, it’s a shame that they aren’t more widely accessible. Downtown Browns was actually released several years ago, but I wonder if they decided to re-release it? It’s a really nice palette and I find that the colors in BR are more versatile for me compared to WnW even though I’m fair-skinned. They have a new one on their website called Nude Attitude that looks really nice, you should check it out!

    1. That’s funny they labeled an old palette as new! And, I just looked it up and, oh my gosh, Nude Attitude looks beautiful! I think I will have to try that one out. Thanks for the pointing that one out!

      1. I hope you are able to find it in stores! I wouldn’t bother ordering online as I’ve had several WnW palettes shatter in the mail (since these are the same texture). Looking forward to your update if you are able to find it sometime.

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