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Raunsborg products available in the US + complete travel kit

March 29, 2016
Raunsborg travel set available at A Bit of Denmark ($69.95)
Raunsborg complete travel set available at A Bit of Denmark ($69.95)

I’m said very positive things about the Danish brand Raunsborg in the past, and I’m really excited to be able to say that their products are now available in the US through the website A Bit of Denmark. The site carries a bunch of skin, body, and fragrance products from the brand, and also has a collection of travel sizes available both individually and as a complete set.

I received the set of travel sizes from A Bit of Denmark, which includes several products that I’ve previously reviewed and a few that are new to me.

Day cream: this day cream has shea butter, ceramide 2, squalene, dandelion extract, and arnica oil extract. It has a decently rich texture so I don’t like to overload my t-zone, but it’s beautiful for the rest of my face, which can get quite dry. I find that Raunsborg’s skincare is really nice and this is no exception.

Night cream: This is one of the products I’d previously tried, reviewed, and really liked (though I notice the full sized product is now shown in a pump bottle instead of a jar, so they’ve upgraded the packaging). It has white nettle extract, wheat extract, and 4 different peptides, and doesn’t feel heavy at all. It has a wonderful texture and light scent.

Body shower: The body wash does have some SLS in it, which I normally steer clear of due to dry, itchy skin, but I’ve used this one a couple of times and it doesn’t seem crazy drying. The website indicates that it is formulated to be hydrating, with oat extract, apple extract, honey, creatine, and wheat protein. Smells pleasantly of rhubarb and black currant.

Extra treatment shampoo: The shampoo is SLS-free, yet froths quite a lot and so it feels very much like a “normal” shampoo. I can confirm that it does not noticeably fade my henna-dyed hair (shampoos with SLS will often make my hair leak orange-tinged water onto my towels, and this doesn’t do that).  It’s formulated to cleanse, soothe the scalp, moisturize, and add strength and shine, with highlighted ingredients including extracts of sea buckthorn, sugar beet, and mullet berry, as well as wheat protein and creatine.

Extra treatment conditioner: I like the conditioner a lot, it has a fairly rich texture out of the bottle but rinses easily and feels pretty weightless in my hair. Highlighted ingredients include elderflower extract, sugar beet extract, wheat oil, rapeseed, wheat protein, and creatine.

Hand cream: I’ve previously reviewed this one, and it’s fantastic. I found it to be very effective, yet it has a light and pleasant texture that doesn’t feel like overkill on the skin. Smells a little like cucumber and birch, too. It includes lime and vegetable squalene for moisture.

Body lotion: This is another one I’ve used before, and again, I really like it. It feels light on the skin and has a pleasantly tart scent of rhubarb and black currant, and I honesty didn’t realize how much it was doing for my skin until I ran out of it. Glad to have a little more of it in my life.

You can buy the complete travel kit from A Bit of Denmark for $69.95 or each individual travel sized product for $7.90. You get an ounce in each of the body care products, and 0.27 ounces in the day and night cream. I’m really excited that these are now available in the US and I can perhaps try some more products that were previously out of reach for me.

For anyone in Europe who’s tried this brand before, please let me know what your favorite products are!


This product was provided to me by A Bit of Denmark. All opinions are my own.

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