Indie goodies: Shiro Cosmetics, Detrivore, and Femme Fatale

September 6, 2016
Eye, lips, cheek, and nail colors from Shiro Cosmetics, Detrivore, and Femme Fatale
Eye, lips, cheek, and nail colors from Shiro Cosmetics, Detrivore Cosmetics, and Femme Fatale

I have one more batch of purchases to share, and this time it’s indie cosmetics from three different brands: Shiro, Detrivore, and Femme Fatale. This was really all one order from Shiro Cosmetics, though, as they sell what seems to be a growing collection of other small brands, and I love that I can combine the different brands in one order and only worry about reaching one shipping threshold. I bought highlights, blushes, eyeshadows, a nail polish, and a tinted lip balm.

This all started because I emptied out my NARS Albatross highlight and decided to look around at products from other brands instead of re-buying what had been an old standby. I already own a loose powder highlight from Shiro Cosmetics, but while looking around the site I realized that they had just recently launched a collection of cream highlights. Moreover, they carried highlighting powders from other brands that I’d never tried before, as well.

I also had some fun picking out some new blushes because in the past I’ve found that my loose blushes from indie brands were among the most unique and longest lasting cheek products in my collection. The eyeshadows, lip balm, and nail polish are all for fun and to allow me to explore some new stuff that will hopefully be really useful for me on a day to day basis. I initially filled up a really big shopping cart and told myself that I could pull the trigger when I was able to whittle it down to $100 or under. The total ended up at $99 – that deserves a little pat on the back, right?

What I’d like to do here is show an overview of everything, and then later I can review things brand by brand and show photos of swatches and application once I’ve gotten to know the products better.

Shiro Cosmetics

Shiro Cosmetics
Shiro Cosmetics

Out of the three brands I purchased from, Shiro has the most fun with the packaging. The top two jars are The Total Agony of Being In Love (blush) and Sylphid (cream highlight), and the bottom two jars are from the Seven Kingdoms eyeshadow collection and feature illustrations of Game of Thrones characters.

Shiro Cosmetics
Shiro Cosmetics

Top to bottom:

Salt and Stone ($6.50), a dark reddish-greenish shadow which I’ve previously received in a small freebie sample and swatched here.

Gift of Mercy ($6.50), a dark steely shadow, and one that I’d been curious about after trying a bunch of the other Seven Kingdom shades.

Sylphid ($12), from Shiro’s new Elemental Glows cream highlight collection. There’s a lot of interesting colors in the line, including blues, greens, and a purple, but I went for something I hoped would work well day to day. It’s described as a “soft rosy blush pink with reflections of cream.”

I also received a little sample jar of Eon, another Elemental Glows shade, as a bonus in my order. That one is described as a “golden tan with coppery shine” (not pictured).

The Total Agony of Being in Love ($9), a “subtle peachy-russet blush with the barest hint of sheen.” I bought blushes from all three of the brands, and this jar looks huge compared to the other two. It looks like a great neutral color, and has an adorable image on the lid from Love, Actually (which I had to Google as I didn’t recognize the shade name or the image).

With Eyes Unclouded ($5), one of their Miyazaki-inspired tinted balms. “Sheer brick red with a slight brown undertone.”


Detrivore Cosmetics

I’ve read that Detrivore is now exclusively distributed by Shiro, so everything they have to offer can be found on Shiro’s website.

Detrivore Cosmetics
Detrivore Cosmetics

Top to bottom:

Hypothesis ($6), “Medium satin taupe with subtle pink tones.” I was hoping to try an everyday lid shade as my first eyeshadow from the brand.

Concubine ($8), “Matte, muted purpley-beige” blush. Detrivore has a really interesting selection of blush shades, and I think this color will be something unique to my collection without being extremely adventurous.


Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale is an Australian brand that became much more convenient for Americans to order once they had some distribution through Shiro. Not all of their products are available through Shiro, and some are sold in more limited quantity. Additionally, Femme Fatale distribute other brands, which I assume makes those brands more accessible than they otherwise would be to Australians.

Femme Fatale
Femme Fatale

On the left:

Belle ($9), a nail polish described as a “warm, medium brown creme with golden overlay.” I’m excited, this looks really lovely. The box says it’s 3-free, vegan, and handmade.

Middle, from top to bottom:

Wizards Only, Fools! ($6.50), an eyeshadow with a “rich purple-brown base with warm-toned sparks and shimmer.” This shade is not vegan.

Chicken Chicken ($6.50), “a goldenrod earthy orange with yellow & brown undertones and soft turquoise-pink shimmer.”

Daughter of Eve ($8), a Narnia-inspired blush that seemed like a good everyday pink. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available on the site.

The Red Throne ($8), I remember the site saying there was only one of these blushes in stock. It’s a more vibrant reddish pink, and the color (as well as the limited availability, I guess) sucked me in.

On the right:

Witchberry ($8), “a mineral based subtle duochrome illuminator with medium to low shimmer, and is a product used to highlight the face and body. A sheer dusting of an illuminator over the face can provide a healthy glow to your appearance. It has a delicate vanilla-golden shade with a very subtle violet duochrome.”


I’m curious, have you tried any of these brands? I’d love to hear about your experiences. And, do you have an indie highlighter that you really like?

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