Visée Innocent Veil Powder

February 5, 2017
Visée Innocent Veil Powder (¥1,836, or around $16)

I can already feel myself getting excited for springtime cosmetics, so I have to remind myself at times to continue enjoying wintery things while we’re still living in that moment. One of the most delightfully wintery products that I have is this finishing powder by Visée that I purchased in Japan called the Innocent Veil Powder from their winter 2016 Winter Doll collection. Now that I’m back in the US, this powder also seems to be fairly easy to find and purchase online.

Visée Innocent Veil Powder

Visée is a drugstore brand in Japan and they had launched a pretty substantial winter collection that was on shelves when I visited. The Innocent Veil Powder was priced at ¥1,836, or around $16, and there was a tester that I tried out on my hand but otherwise couldn’t read the descriptions that were posted on signage or product packaging. It’s comes in a very cute, lightweight tin with a screw-off lid and a little powder puff that fits right inside.

I had initially thought that it was a highlighting powder that would offer some very fine glitter, but once I opened it at home and started trying it out with a brush, it really seemed to be more of a soft white finishing powder that gave some snowy highlighting color and a soft luminescence, but I couldn’t see any glitter on  my skin at all. It is indeed a very wintery kind of look, and I think it looks really lovely on the face. It’s subtle for sure, but very pretty.

Visée Innocent Veil Powder (heavy swatch on left, blended swatch on right)

Here are a couple of swatches, heavier on the left side and blended into the skin on the right side. It’s going to be best on fair and light skin tones considering the noticeable white color, and I don’t find that I personally have to be too careful with it as it doesn’t give a high shine, shimmer, or glimmer to the skin. It highlights a pale skin tone, seems to smooth over lines and texture well, and offers a soft, subtle glow.

Sasa is selling this online for $15.50 and has includes some good description text in the listing:

A shimmering loose powder instantly illuminates and gives skin a flawless glow and and a soft sheen.
– Contains Pure Gold Powder to give the skin a natural glow and a dimensional color.
– Airy Powder blends instantly onto the skin weightlessly and reduce appearance of pores for a flawless finish.
– Moisture Powder hydrates skin.
– Can be used under make-up, on face and body.
– Fragrance free.

I also just enjoy the adorable yet practical packaging and it fits well in small drawers. And, it’s impressed with a cute snowflake design. I like it a lot!

Visée Innocent Veil Powder

I’d be curious to hear if you’ve had any wintery favorites, or if you’ve tried anything from this brand before. Let me know!

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