New from EcoTools: Define and Highlight brush duo

February 14, 2017
EcoTools Define and Highlight Brush Duo ($11.99)

It looks like EcoTools has come out with some new brushes, including this bronzing and highlighting duo for $11.99. The new line is marked by updated handles and ferules, and I thought that these two looked like brushes that I could use in my collection. They’re soft and fluffy, and I feel like over time EcoTools has been getting better with their brush shapes and the taper of the bristles. These are also vegan, tree-free, and utilize recycled materials including handles made of recycled bamboo.

EcoTools Define and Highlight Brush Duo ($11.99)

I tend to buy more cheek brushes than I do any other kind of brush because I find it really difficult to locate the right combination of size, shape, density, etc. for my face. I thought that these both looked promising. I’ve been going through a gradual process of refining my brush collection and weeding out brushes that I don’t like to use, and I’d somehow collected a lot of cheek brushes that just don’t work for me.

EcoTools Define and Highlight Brush Duo ($11.99)

Anyway, I instantly liked these a lot. I’ve had several EcoTools brushes and like I mentioned, I feel like their designs continue to improve year by year. These brushes are both soft and fluffy but also are dense enough that they don’t feel overly flimsy and weak. The fan brush in particular stood out to me because it’s fatter than a lot of others are, which you can see when viewed from above. I also own the Sephora Collection Pro Fan Brush #65, which is thinner and much less dense, and while I had liked that one initially I feel at this point that it just applies so little powder to the face that it’s kind of useless. The EcoTools fan brush does a good job of applying an appropriate amount of highlighting powder, and I say that as someone who opts for a fairly natural/subtle level of luminosity. It doesn’t go overboard.

The bronzing brush is a very good size for my face and I find it really easy to use, so I’m pleased with that one, too. I don’t have anything in my collection quite like it. It provides a good balance between being dense enough that I get some color on my skin but soft and fluffy enough that it blends and diffuses pretty effortlessly. It’s a bit larger than a blush brush, but not by a whole lot.

EcoTools Define and Highlight Brush Duo (click to enlarge)

So, I think these are really cool. Online it looks like EcoTools has come out with a number of new brushes, but I don’t remember seeing most of the others at Duane Read, which is where I bought these. But I’ll keep a look out. I also think the new hardware they’re using these days is really good looking, and I’ve always loved what the brand stood for.

The set is super affordable at $11.99, so I’m a big fan. Have you grabbed any of the new EcoTools brushes yet, or do you have favorite brushes for highlighting and bronzing that you can’t be without? I’m always looking for recommendations!

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