A face and eye palette comparison with Milani, Zoeva, and LH Cosmetics

February 17, 2017
Milani Spotlight Strobe Palette ($13), Zoeva Rose Golden Blush Palette ($16.80), LH Cosmetics Infinity Palette ($47)

I have a few face palettes that I have collected but have yet to talk about, and I thought I’d compare the pros and cons for each and share swatches. I’ll be comparing the Milani Spotlight Face & Eye Strobe Palette ($13), the Zoeva Rose Golden Blush Palette ($16.80), and the LH Cosmetics Infinity Palette ($47). They’re all a bit different in concept and approach, price point, and even country of origin, but offer some similar kinds of shades and effects.

Milani Spotlight Face & Eye Strobe Palette ($13)

Milani will generally be the easiest to get in the US since it’s sold at drugstores, and I found this one in shade 02 Candle Light at a Duane Read. It’s new for this upcoming spring season! It’s $13 and sold in 3 different shade trios, so it offers a level of choice that doesn’t exist with the other 2 brands. This one has shades in vanilla cream, golden brown, and warm pink, all of which provide a luminous highlight.

Milani Spotlight Face & Eye Strobe Palette ($13)

The pigment and texture of the shades are really nice. I really love how they look and find them really easy to work with on the skin. And like the product name suggests, it’s nice for both the cheeks and the eyes. It’s the most affordable product of this kind that I have right now, and it’s super pretty, both in the compact and on the face. It’s nice.

The biggest downside, I think, is that all 3 shades have basically the same level of luminosity, and so using all of them over the whole cheek looks a bit too shiny. So it’s not the best little guy to stick in a travel bag for one-and-done convenience, and I really think the shades need to be mixed with other products for a look. But they call it a “strobe palette,” so it’s working as intended.

A lot of drugstore brands have come out with little face trios like this fairly recently, and I decided to buy this one while pretty much ignoring the others because I thought the shades would work really nicely on my skin, and frankly, I really appreciate the thought Milani put into making the palette lovely to look at. They’re also a cruelty-free brand in the drugstore and one to which I’ve been meaning to pay more attention.

Zoeva Rose Golden Blush Palette ($16.80)

Zoeva is a bit harder to get in the US, as it generally needs to be purchased from their website with some substantial international shipping costs, but the products themselves are quite affordable. Rose Golden has three generously sized blush, highlight and contour powders, and this style of cheek trio is only available in this one shade configuration.

Zoeva Rose Golden Blush Palette ($16.80)

Rose gold is a massive color trend these days and Zoeva’s really jumped on that. It’s a lovely palette that’s super slim and elegant, and it reminds me of a fancy chocolate bar. Palace Door is a muted rose gold blush shade with a strong warm glow to it, Glowing Still is a strong highlight that looks stark white in the pan but has a heavy golden shimmer to it on the skin, and Heavy Crown is a soft matte contour shade.

Heavy Crown is actually my favorite in the palette, as it has very soft pigmentation but looks really, really well-suited for my skin and I find it very easy to use. Glowing Still is a beautiful, superfine powder but it’s awfully strong. I don’t mind the white color on my light skin, but the heavy golden shift stops it from being an easy, everyday highlight for me. Sadly, Palace Door is my least favorite shade in the palette because the subdued, slightly orangey copper tone can look a little dirty on my skin.

So, I really like the differences in texture between the 3 shades, but the colors of each stop this from being the easy all-in-one product that it’s formulated to be. I’m honestly confused about why Zoeva has only released one of these 3-shade palettes at this point. I still reach for it, though, particularly that contour shade. And the highlight makes a killer eyeshadow.

LH Cosmetics Infinity Palette ($47)

LH Cosmetics was created by the talented Swedish makeup artist Linda Hallberg (YouTube, Instagram), and the brand right now is entirely based on her vegan brush line and this Infinity Palette, which is meant to function as an all-purpose color cosmetics collection that you can use any which way all over the face. Linda also has a pretty large collection of YouTube tutorials with the palette, which I very much appreciate. I’m a pretty big fan of hers and I think she’s done something really cool here.

LH Cosmetics Infinity Palette ($47), swatched from left to right, top to bottom

Here are the shades on my skin, but you can also check out swatches on three different skin tones on the LH website. Basically, it includes 2 highlights (a beige and a snow white), 2 blushes (a delicately luminous warm peach-pink and rose), 3 matte brownie tones (a light yellowish tan, warm camel brown, and cool gray brown), and a nearly-black. It’s a slim, simple, but well made black palette that’s easy to store and also has a big mirror, which the Milani and Zoeva palettes lack.

This is simply one of the best purchases I’ve made recently. The shades look lovely on the eyes as well as the cheeks, and the powder is soft and pigmented on the skin. I think this is a unique product in it’s comprehensiveness, and it’s extremely well executed. I use it on my cheeks and eyes all the time now. I’m usually have to think carefully about spending $47 on a single item, but honestly I think it’s a pretty reasonable price point for these 8 large pans.

It has to ship from Sweden but the website offers free shipping at 500 SEK / 95$ / 85€. Though, because the product range is pretty limited, there isn’t room for much creativity in terms of how to reach that threshold. That’s the biggest downside, I guess. But if I lost this palette, I would jump onto the website and buy it again.


Have you tried any of these, or do you have other comparable palette favorites that you’d suggest? I’d love to hear!

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