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Korean cosmetics shopping: Innisfree, Too Cool For School

March 2, 2017
Innisfree and Too Cool For School purchases

I’ve recently done some shopping from both Innisfree and Too Cool For School. I’ve had a great experience with Innisfree in the past and just try to wait for the website to introduce attractive deals before ordering. Too Cool For School is a little less convenient to order at the moment, though Sephora has begun selling some of their products relatively recently. However, they have a flagship store in Soho, New York City, that I recently visited for the first time and I was able to take advantage of a deal.

Innisfree purchases

Innisfree: I like to play around on Innisfree’s website and put things in my wish list while I wait for them to promote special offers. You can get a pretty good deal on their site if you’re willing to practice some patience, and in February they started to progressively offer some attractive ones. I collected a few over a couple of weeks and got to a point where I was feeling pretty good. I redeemed free shipping over $60, buy-one-get-one-free cleansers, buy-one-get-one-free sleeping packs, and $10 off. Not bad, right? All of the products I bought are new to me, and I’m really excited to try them.

I bought the Olive Real Cleansing Foam x2 ($12/ea), Whitening Pore Sleeping Pack x2 ($26/ea), Jeju Lava Seawater Cream ($35), a Creamy Tint lipstick ($14), and a Real Fit lipstick $14.

I thought the cleanser and sleeping pack deals were good for me because cleansers and moisturizers are products I tend to work through quickly. I also definitely wanted to pick up another cream and so I’m trying the one from the relatively new Jeju Lava Seawater line, which is formulated for dry and aging skin. In reality I wanted to try 3 of 4 products from that line but I showed some restraint. I chose the Whitening Pore sleeping pack because, well, it was the most expensive sleeping pack and thus optimized the cost savings (why not?), and the claims and reviews looked promising. It’s formulated to address brightness, dark spots, and texture, and all of that appeals to me.

Innisfree Real Fit and Creamy Tint lipsticks

I was let down to find that the two lipsticks I picked out from two different lip color lines ended up looking extremely similar, especially in natural lighting. Though, I noticed they were a little more differentiated in indoor light, and they definitely have different finishes. I bought the Real Fit lipstick in shade 4 Cheerful Hot Pink (pictured on the left) and the Creamy Tint lipstick in shade 21 Romantic Peach on a Spring Day (on the right).

Also worth noting, this time around my order, which totaled $91, apparently sailed through customs and arrived super quickly. The DHL shipping requires a signature so I ended up needing to reroute the package to my office instead of my apartment, but they were awesome to communicate with and the whole thing was completely painless. I think Innisfree is great with their end of the deal, but when I ordered from them last year my package sat in customs for, like, weeks. Which had made me nervous! But all was good.

Too Cool For School: When I visited the Soho store, Too Cool For School was running a few deals and I took advantage of one that offered 2 free masks with the purchase of 5 others. I know that at least an edited collection of TCFS products are available in the US at Sephora right now and the TCFS’s US website indicates that an online store is coming soon, as well. So at the moment I don’t know if all of these can be ordered online, but hopefully that’ll improve soon.

Too Cool For School Egg Cream and Multi Vitamin masks

The Egg Cream and Multi Vitamin masks were more affordable options within the TCFS mask lines, and I think they were $5. Sephora definitely carries the Egg Cream masks these days. I like to go for lifting and hydrating masks, so I got the Firming and Hydration Egg Cream masks, and the Vitamin E and Vitamin A masks from the Multi Vitamin line.

Too Cool For School 24k Pumpkin mask and 24k Pumpkin sleeping pack samples, Coconut masks

These are a bit fancier, I think the Coconut Oil Serum and Coconut Ceramide masks on the right were $6 and then the Pumpkin 24K Gold mask was $9. That’ll officially be the most expensive sheet mask I’ll have tried. They also threw in those two little free Pumpkin 24k Gold sleeping mask packets, as well. So in total I paid just over $30 for this little collection of masks.

I also took a fair amount of time to start exploring the makeup collections at TCFS and will most certainly try some of that in the future. I lot of the complexion and lip products seemed really nice, and they kill it with cute packaging featuring unique illustrations.


Do you have any favorites or wish list products from Innisfree or Too Cool For School? I’d love to hear!

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