Corvus Cosmetics highlights in Mary, Lottie, and Sleigh Bells

March 14, 2017
Corvus Cosmetics Highlighters in Mary, Lottie, and Sleigh Bells ($5.75 for mini jars)

Indie brand Corvus Cosmetics is one that I purchased from for the first time over Black Friday, and I bought a mini jar collection of eyeshadows as well as a few of their highlighting powders. I was really impressed by the selection of highlighting shades available—there are 10 shades ranging from pale creams to deeper pinks and peaches, and even icy green. They’re also very affordable. Sample bags cost $2, mini jars cost $5.75, and full sized jars cost $10. I have three to chat about.

Specifically, I purchased highlights in Mary and Lottie, and then received Sleigh Bells as a Black Friday promotion. They had released three limited edition holiday shades that were available for purchase with pink, yellow, and blue hues, but you’d also receive one of them at random with a purchase over a certain amount. I thought all three holiday shades were pretty and so I happily took the gamble to receive any one of them for free. Sleigh Bells, which I received, is the yellow one.

For my first purchase from the brand I decided to buy Mary and Lottie as a starting point, but there were a number of shades that I was curious about and would try in the future. Mary is a cool, rosy white. This one has an icier look on me. Lottie is a pale nude base with a greenish shift. This one is interesting while still feeling pretty subtle on the skin. Both are wearable on an everyday basis. And Sleigh Bells has a soft butter yellow color. While it’ll probably look even better on my skin in the summer, it’s still nice on my skin in it’s current pale state.

Left to right: Corvus Cosmetics Highlighters in Mary, Lottie, and Sleigh Bells
Left to right: Corvus Cosmetics Highlighters in Mary, Lottie, and Sleigh Bells (natural light)

I wanted to share a review of these highlighting powders because I’ve never heard anyone talk about them before, and I think they’re beautiful. I’ve been reaching for all three of them a lot. When it comes to my everyday makeup, I prefer highlights that are somewhat natural and subtle and provide a smooth luminosity, and I can get exactly what I’m looking for with these. And while they can be quite subtle and natural if you just apply a little bit, they can also definitely build in intensity if you desire.

The actual colors in the powders are well balanced, too. The different hues aren’t super obvious if just a little powder is applied, but the color builds just as the luminosity does once layered or applied with a heavier hand. The textures are forgiving and flattering on the skin. Most often, I’ve been using my EcoTools fan brush to apply them, which makes it really easy to start subtle and build the intensity gradually.

I think the mini jars provide plenty of powder to play with for a long time, and I also like that I can collect the smaller packages and fit more of them in my very limited makeup storage, so I appreciate the different size options available. Joy and Nellie are some of the other shades I have my eye on for future purchases.

Corvus products are not tested on animals, and vegan/non-vegan status is clearly marked on each product page (Lottie is vegan, Mary is not). I like the themes behind their products and collections, and range of shades offered. I also purchased the Nevermore eyeshadow collection, though it’s taking me a long time to actually try all of the 16 different shades and form an allover opinion.

Have you tried anything from Corvus, or are you in love with any other indie highlights? I’d love to hear!

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