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YADAH Cosmetics: Brightening Ampoule and Angel BB Cream

March 17, 2017
YADAH Angel BB Cream ($8.77) and Brightening Ampoule ($23)

YADAH Cosmetics is a brand I hadn’t heard of until recently, but I’m excited about the couple of products I’ve tried because they’re quite nice and very affordable. And how cute is the branding on the packaging? YADAH is a Korean cosmetics and skincare brand focused on gentle, hypoallergenic, and plant-based formulations, with products available on the BB Cosmetic website. I’ve been trying their Brightening Ampoule with niacinamide and Angel BB Cream with SPF 20/PA++.

YADAH Angel BB Cream ($8.77) and Brightening Ampoule ($23)

From the YADAH website:

Yadah protects your skin by producing hypoallergenic and low-chemical plant-derived skin care and makeup products.

Our product base is the powerfully anti-inflammatory and highly moisturizing organic eastern prickly pear (opuntia humifusa), added with organic lemon and orange water, sage, rosemary and other natural ingredients to minimize the use of chemicals.

Yadah is the guardian of the pure, clear and healthy skin. We are dedicated to making the best quality products that are mild but highly effective to make your skin beautiful and healthy.

I first learned of the brand from BB Cosmetic, a website that specializes in exporting a huge range of Korean cosmetic brands to consumers in other countries. BB Cosmetic reached out to me and let me pick out a couple of products for review purposes, so I thought it’d be good to try one skincare item and one cosmetic item. I’ve been using both of them for the past month, and am pleased to share my thoughts because I’ve had a good time with the products. I also have a little discount code to share with you at the end of the post in case you’re interested in trying something for yourself.

YADAH Brightening Ampoule ($23)

The Brightening Ampoule costs $23, and the main highlighted ingredient is niacinamide (vitamin B3). Niacinamide provides two main types of benefits, the first which is brightening of skin tone and evening skin tone by lightening dark spots, and the second is that it helps refine skin texture and can help smooth the look of pores and provide some relief from acne. In addition, the serum also contains a number of interesting plant-based ingredients like ginseng, carrot, camellia, chrysanthemum, safflower flower, and white mulberry bark extracts.

This serum is a thin, clear gel and has a very light and pleasant texture that sinks into skin quickly. It has a lightly hydrating effect and is generally very nice to use. And, I had great luck with this serum, I think it does what it claims. I was interested in this because I do have some issues with hormonal acne, stubborn little bumps, and pigmentation that lingers after acne fades. While I don’t have really obvious dark spots around my face, I’m also interested in keeping my skin as even as I can. Before I started using the serum, I had had some lingering acne spots and residual redness that weren’t going away, and this helped reset things and bring my face back to a more even and healthy appearance.

This is an effective and handy serum, and it’s under $30. I definitely saw an improvement in how even my skin looked, and it only took a couple of weeks for that to show. I don’t think it made a big difference in the appearance of my pores, but my normal hormonal acne was calmer and problems stayed smaller and healed faster over the time I used the serum. I’m a fan.

YADAH Brightening Serum ingredients (click to enlarge)
YADAH Angel BB Cream ($8.77)

The Angel BB Cream costs $8.77 for 40 ml, or 1.35 oz., which is larger than the standard 30 ml/1 oz. tubes that base makeup is often sold in. It contains niacinamide to help brighten skin and adenosine to help reduce wrinkles, and it has an SPF 20/PA++. There are two shades, and I use the lightest one (01 Light Beige). The shade range isn’t very accommodating but it’s also not unusual for Asian complexion cosmetics to have such a narrow range.

YADAH Angel BB Cream in 01 Light Beige before and after (click to enlarge)

It has a fairly thick cream consistency and comes in an easy squeeze tube. I’ve been applying it with my fingers, starting by massaging it in bit and as it starts to dry down I finish blending it by patting my fingers over my face. I’ve been feeling kind of lazy about washing brushes and have just continued to use my fingers because I think it works well for this product.

The shade suits me and I get a quite natural looking medium coverage from it. I’d also say it has a natural finish that provides some softness without being matte. It is very flattering on the skin and looks alive while still providing some oil control. I continue to use a little spot and under-eye concealer as well as some setting powder on top, as I normally would. The only negative quality I’ve really experienced is that it creases under my eyes, so while I still continue to use it around my eyes without exercising too much caution, I try to keep it somewhat minimal and well blended and set with powder in those crease-prone areas.

This has been working out really well for me and I’ve used it almost every day for the past month. I’m really impressed with how well-rounded it is. It noticeably smoothes the appearance of my pores, provides medium coverage, looks quite natural on the skin, and it lasts really well throughout the day. I’ve been wearing it so much because it’s generally one of the most versatile and dependable foundations I have in my collection right now and I think I use enough of it on my skin to make use of the sun protection it provides.

Wearing YADAH Angel BB Cream in 01 Light Beige (click to enlarge)
YADAH Angel BB Cream in 01 Light Beige + finished makeup (click to enlarge)

Above, my finished makeup also includes the Sephora Collection Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer, NARS Translucent Crystal loose setting powder, Elf eyebrow kit and L’Oreal Brow Stylist Plumper tinted gel, LH Cosmetics Infinity Palette on my cheeks, Etude House Oh! My Lash curling mascara, and lip balm.

YADAH Angel BB Cream ingredients (click to enlarge)

So, I think these YADAH products are really great and really affordable. If you’re interested in trying these, or any of the other Korean products available at BB Cosmetic, you can save 8% by using the coupon code: AV585OLH9T3I4.

These products were provided to me by BB Cosmetic. All opinions are my own.

Have you heard of this brand before? Do have any Korean cosmetic favorites that you’d recommend? I’d love to hear!

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