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LOLA 100% organic period care

August 22, 2017
LOLA 100% organic period care: tampons w/ applicator, pads w/ wings, and liners

In the past few months I’ve started trying some mail order menstrual products, and these days there seem to be a good number of options available if you’re looking to have monthly supplies sent to your doorstep. Personally, I’ve also developed an interest in products that are more natural than those found at the drugstore. In a nutshell, I’m looking to buy these necessities from a brand I actually like and feel good about supporting. The first brand I feel fully ready to speak on is Lola, which uses 100% organic cotton, non-toxic adhesive, no synthetic or added ingredients, and no fragrance. They offer customizable boxes of tampons (with or without plastic applicators) available in 4 strengths, ultra-thin pads with wings in 2 strengths, and ultra-thin liners.

LOLA 100% organic pads and tampons

I happen to be someone who uses just about every single kind of period product during different times of the month, so I’ve now used every single product available from Lola with the only exception being the non-applicator tampons. So, I can speak about the tampons with applicators in light, regular, super, and super+ strengths, daytime and nighttime pads, and the liners.

The service:
Lola is shipped on a monthly basis like a subscription service, but it’s very easy to customize which products and what quantities you want for each cycle. The first time I ordered, I purchased a single box of tampons which included a full assortment of all 4 strengths. The second month, I ordered a box of pads that included both daytime and nighttime versions as well as a box of liners. Orders are charged and shipped in a consistent, reliable way.

The branding and packaging design for Lola are really plain and gentle on the eyes, which I absolutely love. The boxes don’t have loud labeling on them and would be easy to hide in plain sight in the bathroom. And finally, the outer shipping boxes are completely discreet and are very small and space-efficient. In terms of the way the shipping and packaging works, I’m a big fan.

The tampons:
I’ve tried all 4 available strengths of tampons, and personally opt for applicators. Tampons come in boxes of 18 and you may choose to receive all of one strength, or any customizable combination of strengths within the box. Applicator tampons are sold for $10/$18/$27 for 1, 2, or 3 boxes. Non-applicator tampons are a touch cheaper at $9/$16/$24 for 1, 2, or 3 boxes. The applicators are plastic.

LOLA 100% organic tampons with applicators

The strengths are differentiated with shades of blue, and the strength is also printed on each of the wrappers. The shades of blue are a lot closer to each other than the standard purple, yellow, green, and orange labeling found in the drugstore, but a whole lot prettier (and not difficult to learn).

The applicators are smooth plastic, and feel pretty luxurious. It surprised me a little that an organic brand would use plastic rather than something more sustainable like cardboard, but I’m not complaining. The applicators are expandable which means they save space in transport and storage.

The tampons themselves are great, I had no issues whatsoever with the quality and absorbency of these and would continue to order them in the future without hesitation. I also very much appreciate that the color scheme feels sophisticated, and the wrappers are nice enough that they don’t break apart as they float around in my purse or tote bag.

The pads:
The ultra-thin pads with wings are available in day and night versions. I thnk they feel like they’re more or less the same actual strength, but in two different sizes. The daytime pads feel very much like a “regular” pad, while the nighttime pads are extra-long. They come in boxes of 12 pads and are priced at $9/$16/$24 for 1, 2, or 3 boxes, and again, the proportion of day and night strengths within the box is completely customizable.

LOLA 100% organic pads with wings (day and night)

In addition to being made of organic cotton, the pads also use non-toxic adhesive. The pads are soft and absorbent, but I will say that for me personally, I find the wings to be on the small side of things and the adhesive is somewhat weak. So, I personally found that the wings didn’t stay in place perfectly. That being said, I have noticed that the ridges that run longways down the pad seem to really help keep liquid in the middle and not let it run out toward the edges. And more broadly, the pad’s overall shape worked pretty well for me and I find the quality of the cotton and general construction to be nice. They’re soft, breathable, and absorbant.

The upside of a weak adhesive is that the pads won’t get cemented into my underwear, which has happened to me. I like to use a heating pad on my lower back and pelvic areas, which can melt adhesives a little. Not a fun way to ruin a pair of underwear. It’s cool that I don’t have that issue with these pads, but in general the weaker adhesive also detracts from their efficacy. Between the overall shape and adhesive situation, I think these are just ok.

The liners:
The ultra-thin liners are available in boxes of 28 for $9/$16/$24 for 1, 2, or 3 boxes. They’re only available in the one size and strength.

LOLA 100% organic ultra-thin liners

Liners can very quite a bit from brand to brand, as some are barely there and are meant to catch the smallest amounts of fluid, while others can be much more substantial in size. These are wide enough to give me good coverage and are very soft, so they have enough substance to them without being too much. Like the pads, the adhesive on these is a bit weak, but the shape of these works well enough that in this case it doesn’t bother me as much. There aren’t any wings to lift up and get in my way. I’m a fan of these and I’m glad Lola offers them in addition to the pads.

I like Lola, but am just a little disappointed that I’m not blown away by the pads. I really dig how easy and customizable everything is, though, and I’m very happy to be using products that don’t have any funny chemicals in them and are safe for sensitive skin. As a customer, my experience ordering from them and receiving the products in the mail has been really great, and Lola also offers $5 off your first order, no coupon code required.

Have you tried this or a similar service for menstrual products before? I’d love to hear about your experiences and whether you’ve enjoyed the products. Please let me know!

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