ColourPop goodies: Pressed Powder Highlighter & Bronzer, Pressed Shadows x7, lippies, and more

August 24, 2017
ColourPop purchases: highlighter, bronzer, lip colors, eyeshadows, and a magnetic palette

I’ve made two orders from ColourPop this summer and have bought a lot of different things to try. So far, I’ve only talked about the Crystal Liquid Highlighter, but over the two orders I’ve also collected a couple of lip colors, 7 pressed powder eyeshadows and a magnetic palette, a pressed powder highlighter, a pressed powder bronzer, and a Super Shock eyeshadow. These products and I have had some time to get a little acquainted and I have swatches and thoughts to pass along.

ColourPop Blotted Lip in Bee’s Knees, Super Shock Shadow in Reversible, and Lippie Stix in Goal Digger

I’ve wanted to try a Blotted Lip color ($5) since they launched and I limited myself to one just to double check that I like the formula. I’ve had really good experiences with the Super Shock Shadows ($5) in the past and also just wanted to get one that would be good for everyday, and ideally would work more or less on its own when I’m getting ready quickly in the morning.

ColourPop order

I also received a mini Lippie Stix in Goal Digger (regularly $5) as a little gift from ColourPop after my order took a while to ship. I thought that was an extremely classy move, and one I very much appreciate. Once my order had been confirmed 8 or 9 days went by before it shipped, which was about double the delayed ship time that was quoted in my confirmation email (in case you’re curious).

ColourPop Highlighter in Here Kitty Kitty and Bronzer in CA Dreaming

One of the things that prompted my most recent order was the release of these pressed powder highlighters and bronzers ($8 each). They released a substantial number of shades for each product, and I was very curious. These come in really nice compacts that have a magnetic closure rather than a clasp and feel nice in the hand. They’re also really slim and small, which is something I value a lot.

L to R: ColourPop Highlighter in Here Kitty Kitty, bronzer in CA Dreaming, eyeshadow in Reversible, Blotted Lip in Bee’s Knees, and Lippie Stix in Goal Digger

Highlighter in Here Kitty Kitty: described as a warm ivory, this is a bit darker than I anticipated but blends into my skin tone pretty well. It’s extremely soft in texture, and is easy to apply and blend on the skin. I personally wouldn’t go any darker than this for a highlight, but it looks like there’s one shade in the range that’s lighter called S’il Vous Play that I would consider trying in the future.

Bronzer in CA Dreaming: for the bronzers, there isn’t a super clear system for lighter and darker shades, so I’ll just say this is a matte light warm shade but there are others in the line that may also work for my skin, too. The texture is extremely soft, even more than the highlighter is, and a bit of powder kicks up whenever I touch it. I also can make a bit of a brown spot on my face if I just place the brush on my cheek, but the super soft, fine, and movable texture means that it’s easy to diffuse. I really like it, but it’s not the easiest to use due to the extreme softness.

Super Shock Shadow in Reversible: this is described as a sandy golden beige, which it is. As I hoped and expected, it’s easy to apply and wear all on its own for a simple daytime look. I really like the Super Shock Shadows for this kind of purpose, I’m just trying to keep from collecting too many of them at one time since I know they’ll dry out at some point. These shadows have great longevity for me.

Blotted Lip in Bee’s Knees: this is a fuchsia shade, and the Blotted Lip colors are a sheer, matte lip color. I like this as much as I’d hoped and I think it’s a really cool formula, and what a cool idea. I happen to be someone who doesn’t often wear lipsticks full on and often blot or soften colors into my lips, so this is my kinda thing.

Lippie Stix in Goal Digger: this is described as a warm rose, which is pretty accurate. I like this because it has some depth to it, but really isn’t too far off from my natural lip color and so it’s very easy for me to wear. It’s a Matte X formula, which is one that I enjoy. It’s matte and sticks around for a long while, but has a very soft, smooth texture and doesn’t dry my lips out. ColourPop says that this is the Lippie Stix version of the liquid lip color called Bumble.

Top row, L to R: ColourPop pressed eyeshadows in Blow Fish, Wake Up Call, Made to Last, The News. Bottom row: Liar Liar, Ringer, and Lil’ Boat

Though it took me a while to try this relatively new product line, I’ve now collected seven of ColourPop’s pressed eyeshadows. They’re normally $5 and I bought them when there was a $1 off sale on all of the pressed eyeshadows, which is a discount they seem to run on and off. In my most recent order, I also went ahead and bought their small empty magnetic palette that holds 12 eyeshadows ($7). They offer a free 4-pan palette when you purchase four shadows, but they were out of those palettes when I made my order, so maybe next time.

I bought a lot of really easy peasy everyday neutral tan and pink shades. From left to right, on the top row we have Blow Fish, Wake Up Call, Made to Last, and The News. On the bottom row there’s Liar Liar, Ringer, and Lil’ Boat.

Top row, L to R: ColourPop pressed eyeshadows in Blow Fish, Wake Up Call, Made to Last, The News. Bottom row: Liar Liar, Ringer, and Lil’ Boat
ColourPop pressed eyeshadows in Blow Fish, Wake Up Call, Made to Last, The News, Liar Liar, Ringer, and Lil’ Boat

Blow Fish: satin pale gold

Wake Up Call: matte warm sand

Made to Last: matte neutral mauve

The News: matte warm rose

Liar, Liar: metallic pale pink

Ringer: metallic warm champagne

Lil’ Boat: matte rich brown

I’ll just say that as a group, I’m really, really liking these. They’re soft without being ridiculously powdery, very easy to blend on the eyes, and longevity has been really good for me. Longevity and creasing/fading are the biggest issues I have with eye makeup in general, and so I’m flipping pleased that shadows that are this affordable and easy to use work this well.

I also found the color selection online to be really easy to navigate, and once I’d received them in the mail the shades basically looked as I’d expected when picking them out online. In my mind, this ordering process has turned out better than my experiences with Makeup Geek have, since Makeup Geek has a much bigger selection of shades and I’ve had multiple problems with buying near-identical shades thinking the colors were a bit different from how they ended up looking.


Overall, I’m really fond of ColourPop and continue to be impressed with the value and quality they provide. I’ve picked up a lot of things to use and enjoy on a daily basis. Have you tried this? Are there other must-haves you love? Let me know!

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