Makeup Geek Mystery Box for Halloween 2017

November 6, 2017
Makeup Geek Mystery Box for Halloween 2017 ($50)

I am a massive sucker for mystery boxes. I didn’t jump right as I first heard about Makeup Geek‘s mystery boxes released for Halloween, but a reminder email wore me down and I ordered mine. These were $50 boxes that were advertised to be full of $100+ worth of makeup. The contents were to include a full face of makeup, with highlighter, contour, bronzer, blush, eyeshadows, and lip color, and boxes were available in 3 versions tailored for light, medium, and deep skin tones.

Makeup Geek Mystery Box for Halloween 2017

The contents come in a nice, reusable collector’s box that I know they’ve offered in the past with full sets of lip colors, and I thought it was really neat to pack everything into one of them.

Makeup Geek Mystery Box for Halloween 2017 (light skin, $50)

I bought the light skin option, and received items from all of the product categories the box was advertised to include. Here are the details on the products I received:

4x Eyeshadow pans ($6/ea) – Peach Smoothie (soft peachy orange), Wild West (matte rosy brown), Glamorous (shimmery bronzy gold), and … Glamorous, again.

Blush pan in Heart Throb ($10) – subdued salmon

Contour powder pan in Complicated ($10) – cool/medium contour shade

Bronze Luster bronzer in Sun-Kissed ($22) – for fair skin with a subtle pearl finish

Highlighter in Midnight Sun ($20) – soft champagne with a reflective, luminous finish

Plush Matte Lip in Soccer Mom ($12) – medium pinky nude in a mousse-cream formula

Makeup Geek Bronze Luster in Sun-Kissed

The bronzer and highlight come in the standard (and very pretty) Makeup Geek compacts with mirrors, while the eyeshadow, blush, and contour pans are intended to slip into magnetic palettes.

In general, I am really happy to try a contour, bronzer, highlight, and lip color from Makeup Geek for the first time, as I’d never previously purchased these from the brand before. I’m genuinely pleased with the shades that I received and am happy to get them at a substantial discount. I’ll get a lot of use out of them, for sure.

But, I have two issues with the box. First, I didn’t technically receive $100+ worth of makeup, as my total comes to $98, so the ads over-promised somewhat. Second, I received the eyeshadow in Glamorous twice, and I feel like receiving a duplicate product isn’t quite right for a mystery box.

Beyond that, I was also kind of surprised at how tame all of the shades were, particularly the eyeshadows. Makeup Geek makes a lot of colorful shades and the box sort of missed an opportunity to really surprise me. That isn’t necessarily a terrible thing, but it just felt very mundane.

Makeup Geek Plush Matte lip color in Soccer Mom

On a personal note, I already owned the Wild West eyeshadow, but it doesn’t bug me too much to have a duplicate of this one, it’s a nice color. And duplication within my pre-existing collection was a risk I knowingly ran when I purchased the box. Peach Smoothie and (thankfully) Glamorous, as well as the blush in Heart Throb and lip color in Soccer Mom are all new to me. I think I like Heart Throb even more than the MuG blushes I already own, and it’s one I wouldn’t have necessarily picked out on my own based on the description online. And I may be tempted to try more lip colors based on my experience with Soccer Mom, which I also like more than I thought I might as I pulled it out of the box.

Did you jump on the chance to get a mystery box from Makeup Geek? Does the idea appeal to you? And if you did buy one, what did you get? I’d love to hear!

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