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Light Mountain henna hair color in Mahogany

November 19, 2017
Light Mountain henna hair color & conditioner in Mahogany

I haven’t shared thoughts and before-after photos for this henna hair color from Light Mountain yet, but it’s the one I’ve been using for the better part of a year. Once I started using a henna shade blended with indigo rather than just pure henna, it took me time to find a formula and shade that worked for me. Once I landed on this one, I kept with it. I use one 113 g box per color application and buy it on Amazon in a 3-pack for $14.99, so it’s definitely accessible and affordable. It’s also made with just three 100% USDA Certified Organic plant ingredients, and the brand lists 15 shades plus a colorless neutral option on their website.

Light Mountain Henna hair color & conditioner shade chart (click to enlarge)

I’ve said this in henna hair color posts before, but in general henna-indigo mixes (or any shade besides straight red henna) are weaker dyes on me than the pure henna is. The indigo just doesn’t have as much impact on my hair, particularly on my grays. My goal in using a blend is to achieve more of a brown shade than red, and finding the right dye shade has been a process because I need enough red henna warmth in it to boost the efficacy and staying power of the dye. Otherwise, it has a weaker initial result, and fades much quicker in the weeks after. The ends of my hair are also permanently dyed with straight henna, and so a cool-toned indigo dye will make the contrast between my roots and ends much more obvious. I’ve landed on this shade in Mahogany by Light Mountain.

Light Mountain henna hair color & conditioner in Mahogany

Be cognizant that henna and indigo will only layer over and deepen your natural hair color, and cannot lift or lighten your hair. Personally, I have ashy dark blonde or light brown hair with some white hairs, particularly near my hairline. The henna has a much stronger impact on my lighter and white hairs than the indigo, so with the right dye shade I generally end up with a nice amount of dimension since the lighter portions of my hair will end up with a warmer red-toned result, whereas the majority of my hair will appear more brown.

Light Mountain henna hair dye & conditioner in Mahogany

Besides striking the right balance in color, I find that Mahogany also fades in a really nice way — slowly and evenly, but noticeably over a couple of months to a point where as my hair grows out the line between the dyed hair and virgin roots is difficult to see. This past dye application, I had waited about 3 months to re-dye my hair, which is a really long time and created plenty of fade-out and visible root growth.  Here’s the before:

Before re-dying hair with Light Mountain henna hair dye in Mahogany

I find the contrast between my roots and the faded color to be workable, but you can tell that my lengths are more of a reddish brown while the roots are lighter, ashier with some golden tones, and peppered with white hairs.

Using Light Mountain henna hair dye in Mahogany

By the way, I’ve discovered a new strategy for getting thick, even, and clean coverage of my hairline. It’s applying the henna right on the hairline with a spatula. Very proud of myself. Some other practical things I’ll mention: I only mix the dye powder with water and no longer add an acid (e.g. lemon juice), which I now skip mostly out of laziness. I try to keep my head warm while the dye is sinking in, and I apply it before bed and leave it on overnight. I don’t think it needs more than 3.5 or 4 hours on my head, but leaving it on overnight means that I don’t have to set aside such a large block of time for the dye process.

Light Mountain henna hair dye & conditioner in Mahogany
Light Mountain henna hair dye & conditioner in Mahogany

This is a look at my hair about 4 days after re-dying. The first couple of days involve redder roots and it takes a moment for them to calm down and look more even with the rest of my lengths. And, I typically find that my hair looks its best around the 2 week mark (this is true now, and was true back when I used straight henna).

You can take a look at Light Mountain’s shade selection on their website and on Amazon. Have you tried this, or perhaps a different brand of henna color? I’d love to hear about your experience!

  1. I love your henna reviews! Thank you. Would yo say you prefer the light Mountain over the lush? It’s been about 6 years the last time I tried lush henna however I have used the light Mountain dark brown in the last 12 months and was very happy. Would love to hear your thoughts comparing the 2 products. Thank you!

    1. Hey Grace, thank you! These days I do prefer to use a powder like Light Mountain over Lush because the prep work is simpler and easier and I’ve gotten used to mixing it up to the right consistency. I can’t really compare color selections between the brands since I only ever used the Rouge from Lush, and I’ve only used brown shade blends from Light Mountain. But the biggest thing is ease, I just soak the henna powder before I leave for work in the morning and then it’s ready for me when I get home in the evening. I am not sure the added herbs and oils in Lush make a substantial difference in the result.

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