Makeup Geek Passionate Purple Mystery Box

July 31, 2018
Makeup Geek Purple Mystery Box ($20)

I’m a sucker for a mystery box, and so Makeup Geek immediately had my attention when they released a mystery box for purple products for $20, with an advertised savings of 60%. I bought a previous mystery box from Makeup Geek in 2017, which was a bigger bundle of products for $50, and I’m personally glad that they’ve tried this approach a couple of times because it’s a neat way to try products that I wouldn’t necessarily think to pick out for myself. This box was supposed to provide a collection of purple shades, which gave me a little pause but ultimately couldn’t stop me from taking a gamble.

Makeup Geek Purple Mystery Box ($20)

They did not specify the type or number of products that would be included, and so I’m not sure if it was consistent across the board, but I received 2 Signature eyeshadows (normally $6 each), a Foiled eyeshadow ($10), a Duochrome eyeshadow ($6), a Showstopper Creme Stain ($10), and an Iconic lipstick ($12). That comes to a $50 value and a savings of $30, hitting the advertised 60% savings right on the nose. As a little bonus, you also get the little box that everything is stuffed in.

Makeup Geek Purple Mystery Box ($20): Foiled shadow in Hype, Duochrome shadow in Blacklight, Signature shadow in Taboo, and Signature shadow in Vintage

Here are the four eyeshadows I received: a Foiled shadow in Hype (amethyst), Duochrome shadow in Blacklight (lavender with icy blue shift), Signature shadow in Taboo (dark raisin), and Signature shadow in Vintage (medium mauve-brown). I was really happy to receive a variety of shades, ranging from dark to light and vibrant to neutral. My fear with the specific color theme was that I might end up receiving a handful of vibrant purples, which would be fun but not all that useful for everyday. I’ve never bought any of these shades in the past, thankfully, so they’re all new to me.

Makeup Geek Iconic Lipstick in Savvy ($12)

I’ve never tried any Iconic lipsticks from Makeup Geek, and I received one in the shade Savvy. It’s is a muted grayish purple with a matte finish.

Makeup Geek Showstopper Creme Stain in Grapevine ($10)

I received a Showstopper Creme Stain, which is also a product I’ve never tried before. The shade Grapevine is a rich violet.

Makeup Geek Purple Mystery Box: Signature shadow in Taboo, Signature shadow in, Foiled shadow in Hype, Duochrome shadow in Blacklight, Iconic lipstick in Savvy, Showstopper Creme Stain in Grapevine

I think all lined up, this looks like a pretty good mix of all different purples and different finishes, so I’m really pleased with the collection. My past experience with Makeup Geek’s Signature shadows has generally been quite positive, and I’ve had more mixed experiences with their Foiled and Duochrome formulas because the longevity wasn’t as good. It’s very typical for me to have issues with eyeshadow longevity, no matter the brand. At this point in time I haven’t yet tried these shadows. I was particularly curious about the lip colors so I started to try those on immediately.

Makeup Geek Showstopper Creme Stain in Grapevine

I wore the Creme Stain right away because this was my favorite color that I received in the box. The texture is very lightweight on the lips, and the coverage is even and builds in opacity. It layers perfectly and that night after eating I basically touched up the inner part of my lips and thought it looked good as new afterward. And frankly, the bathroom light I was under at that time was dim and I had a hard time seeing how necessary the touchup really was to begin with. I know from the arm swatch that it’s a strong formula that required some oil to remove, as soap and water didn’t do the trick.

Makeup Geek Iconic lipstick in Savvy

The next day I thought I’d photograph the Iconic lipstick, despite not wearing much else on my face (sorry about that). I feel like I could stand to apply a liner first because the natural redness of my lips wants to peak through around the lip line, but otherwise thought that the color looked kind of cool. This is a more classic lipstick formula that seemed comfortable for the time that I had it on, though I haven’t worn it for much time yet.

I do kind of hope Makeup Geek continues to periodically release mystery boxes, I think they’re fun. This one isn’t available anymore but looking over the contents may help others decide whether they might want to take a shot on a future release. Did you grab one of these? Have you tried these formulas before? I’d love to hear what you think!

  1. I would love to get myself one of this mystery box! Make up mystery boxes are always great because its fun and exciting plus you really get your money’s worth! I love the purple color combination!

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