Hi there! My name’s Erin, and I started Beauty Loon as a way to share honest opinions about skincare and cosmetics. I don’t work in the beauty industry, so I write from the perspective of a consumer learning to better navigate the store shelves, understand ingredients, and pinpoint products that are well worth their price tag. I try a lot of affordable products, and more recently I’ve been venturing further into the natural, indie, and Asian beauty markets.

I’m 29 and have just recently moved to NYC from Seattle, though I’m originally from the East Coast. My professional background is in museum exhibit development and arts/cultural programming. I’m curious and research-oriented by nature, and this drives my desire to be a well-informed consumer. I love playing with makeup because it’s a fun and accessible medium for self-expression, and trying to understand it better is a big hobby of mine.

In addition to playing around with beauty products, I also like to draw and paint and have adopted the loon as a mascot for the blog, so you’ll notice some doodles and photos of them and other waterfowl pop up here and there. Thanks for visiting, and do feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

You can follow the blog on Twitter and Bloglovin’, and check out my Instagram for a look at some of the other things I’m up to.