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Monthly Kali luxury box with chemical-free 100% organic tampons and pads: a 3-month review

By on December 6, 2017
Monthly Kali Luxury Box ($22.89)

I’ve been trying several period care subscription services since the beginning of summer and have received 3 boxes from Kali, bringing me to the point where I’m evaluating whether to continue with their service or not. Kali provides monthly or bimonthly boxes of organic period care free of chemicals like dioxin and chorine bleach, and offers a few different kinds of boxes depending on what products you’d like to receive. I’ve subscribed to the luxury box for $22.89, which includes a choice of 14 tampons or 16 pads, 10 organic wipettes, 10 panty liners, and 1 relaxing pampering item. I will start by showing you everything I’ve received in my boxes, and then expand on the quality of the service as a whole.

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Summer empties: The Ordinary, Kiehl’s, IGK, Weleda, Sun Bum, and more

By on September 6, 2017
Products I used up over the summer

I’ve filled up another little bag with empty products that I used up over the past season. As is typical, most of the bag is full of skincare—I managed to go through 6 serums, actually, which is some sort of accomplishment. There’s also cleansers, moisturizers, a little bit of makeup, and some hair and body care. In general, I really liked a lot of the stuff I used up, too!

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LOLA 100% organic period care

By on August 22, 2017
LOLA 100% organic period care: tampons w/ applicator, pads w/ wings, and liners

In the past few months I’ve started trying some mail order menstrual products, and these days there seem to be a good number of options available if you’re looking to have monthly supplies sent to your doorstep. Personally, I’ve also developed an interest in products that are more natural than those found at the drugstore. In a nutshell, I’m looking to buy these necessities from a brand I actually like and feel good about supporting. The first brand I feel fully ready to speak on is Lola, which uses 100% organic cotton, non-toxic adhesive, no synthetic or added ingredients, and no fragrance. They offer customizable boxes of tampons (with or without plastic applicators) available in 4 strengths, ultra-thin pads with wings in 2 strengths, and ultra-thin liners.

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Spring empties

By on June 18, 2017
Some of the products I used up over the past few months

It’s been a while since I’ve gone through a batch of empty products. I’ve recently been unloading my empties whenever the bag starts to overflow, which seems to translate to a seasonal basis, and summer is just a few days away. I’m also going to be moving apartments soon and so it’s an appropriate time to be going through the cabinets and cleaning things out a bit! So, here’s a look at all of the skincare, makeup, body, and hair care products I used up throughout the spring and will be discarding.

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More shopping: Sephora, MAC, and Whole Foods bath & body

By on March 3, 2017
Recent buys from Sephora, MAC, and Whole Foods

I’ve been buying some more stuff. A few basics, a few replacements of similar products I’m running out of, and a few nice-to-haves. I’ve been trying a couple of products for a couple of weeks now but most of it is brand new and I’m just starting to try out the different bits. I have some cleansing products and makeup from Sephora, lip colors from MAC, and some natural bath and body from Whole Foods.

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Recent winter empties

By on March 1, 2017
Products I’ve used up over the past couple of months

I took a little break from keeping up with empties that I was going through, and I thought now that February is over I’d revisit the products that I’ve used up this winter. I’ve been a little more selective about the empty trash that I keep around so hopefully this is an easier group of things to keep up with and makes for a breezier read. Here are my final thoughts on the makeup and skincare products that deserve one last look before getting tossed out.

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Comparison: Alaffia Africa’s Secret, Egyptian Magic, and The Honest Co. Organic Healing Balm

By on May 25, 2016
Alaffia Africa's Secret, Egyptian Magic, The Honest Company Organic Healing Balm
Alaffia Africa’s Secret, Egyptian Magic, The Honest Company Organic Healing Balm

I have three thick, multi-purpose skin balms that I think make for interesting points of comparison. It all started with Egyptian Magic, which I’ve previously praised on the blog, and I later branched out to trying other less expensive but similarly conceived products from Alaffia and The Honest Company to see if I could save some money while treating my skin. These are all natural products with simple formulations that nourish the skin, including face, lips, and body. I ended up with distinct thoughts about all three of them, so I wanted to lay them all out.

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Raunsborg products available in the US + complete travel kit

By on March 29, 2016
Raunsborg travel set available at A Bit of Denmark ($69.95)
Raunsborg complete travel set available at A Bit of Denmark ($69.95)

I’m said very positive things about the Danish brand Raunsborg in the past, and I’m really excited to be able to say that their products are now available in the US through the website A Bit of Denmark. The site carries a bunch of skin, body, and fragrance products from the brand, and also has a collection of travel sizes available both individually and as a complete set.

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