This is a blog written by a curious consumer who loves to try new things. All opinions expressed are my own and I do not accept compensation for reviews, but I do occasionally receive products for free. I started blogging because of a genuine interest in discussing and learning about beauty products and I will always be honest, regardless of how I acquired a product. I make it a habit to state how I came to try certain products when I write about them, and always explicitly disclose when products have been provided to me.

At this time I do not author sponsored posts, accept compensation for positive remarks, or include paid insertions and advertisements within the blog. I’ve kept the blog simple. If I ever decide to revise my position on these forms of compensation, I will provide a clear update.

I do my best to research products and trial them for an appropriate time before I write about them. I try to be thorough and as accurate as possible when describing how a product works, but please know that I have no formal training in chemistry, biology, or dermatology. I encourage you to consult with the manufacturer or your physician if you have questions about whether a product is appropriate for you. Beauty should be fun and I don’t want anyone to get hurt.

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