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Spring empties

By on June 18, 2017
Some of the products I used up over the past few months

It’s been a while since I’ve gone through a batch of empty products. I’ve recently been unloading my empties whenever the bag starts to overflow, which seems to translate to a seasonal basis, and summer is just a few days away. I’m also going to be moving apartments soon and so it’s an appropriate time to be going through the cabinets and cleaning things out a bit! So, here’s a look at all of the skincare, makeup, body, and hair care products I used up throughout the spring and will be discarding.

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Recent winter empties

By on March 1, 2017
Products I’ve used up over the past couple of months

I took a little break from keeping up with empties that I was going through, and I thought now that February is over I’d revisit the products that I’ve used up this winter. I’ve been a little more selective about the empty trash that I keep around so hopefully this is an easier group of things to keep up with and makes for a breezier read. Here are my final thoughts on the makeup and skincare products that deserve one last look before getting tossed out.

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Dr.Ci:Labo Enrich-Lift skincare: Cleansing Cream, Up Lotion, Aqua-Collagen-Gel, UV & White SPF 50+, BB Perfect Cream SPF 40

By on February 12, 2017
Dr.Ci:Labo Enrich-Lift skincare set: Cleansing Cream, Up Lotion, Aqua-Collagen-Gel, UV & White SPF 50+, and BB Perfect Cream SPF 40

When I was in Japan, one of the skincare bits I picked up was this little set from Dr.Ci:Labo that includes samples and minis of five different products. This has given me a chance to try out the Cleansing Cream EX, Up Lotion, Aqua-Collagen-Gel EX, UV & White SPF 50+, and the BB Perfect Cream SPF 40, all from the Enrich-Lift product line. This is a doctor-developed brand focused on product efficacy and simplicity, formulated for all skin types including sensitive skin, and the products exclude fragrance, coloring, mineral oil, and parabens.

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That time I visited Tokyo for New Year’s and bought a lot of stuff

By on January 16, 2017
Some of my Tokyo cosmetic purchases

My husband and I just came back from our second trip to Tokyo, where we spent New Year’s in the middle of visiting both of our families for the holidays. Having gained some level of familiarity with Japanese cosmetics brands since our first visit last year, and having restrained my cosmetic purchases fairly well over the past year, I basically went in feeling ready to buy some stuff. The added bonus was learning about and having my first experience with fukubukuro, or “lucky bags” of products that lots of Japanese retailers put out for New Year’s sales.

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