Too Cool For School Pumpkin 24K Gold, Coconut, Essentials, and Egg Cream sleeping/sheet masks

By on May 18, 2017
Too Cool For School masks: Pumpkin 24K Gold, Coconut Oil Serum, Coconut Ceramide, Multivitamin Vitamin A, Multivitamin Vitamin E, Egg Cream Firming, Egg Cream Hydration

I have a bunch of Too Cool For School masks that I’ve been using, all in the $4-9 range, and so I wanted to talk about them all in one place. I’m lucky enough to have a Too Cool For School storefront nearby in New York City but the Egg Cream masks are also available at Sephora, while the rest of the others are definitely available from various places online (particularly Amazon). I’ve become a bit of a sheet and sleeping mask nut and really enjoyed trying all of these from a fun brand like Too Cool For School.

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