Quick review: Integrate Magical Lash Curl mascara

June 8, 2016
Integrate Magical Lash Curl Mascara ($15-18)

In my last post I mentioned that an Integrate mascara had ended up being my favorite mascara of the three that I picked up while in Japan. That being the case, it’s only fitting that I share a few photos to show you what I mean. The box is entirely in Japanese, but based on some internet reading I believe that it’s called Magical Lash Curl with Curl Enhancing Fibers. That seems like a fitting name, anyway.

It comes in a gold tube, on which they’ve printed, “Let’s care! Cheerful Care Lushes!” Ha.

This is a black, waterproof lengthening and curling mascara that contains really fine (but really long) fibers inside. The brush is a curved double-sided comb, and I’ve found that historically these plastic comb-style wands really suit me and my lashes. The L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly and Lorac Visual Effects mascaras come to mind as examples.

No mascara
Integrate mascara
After applying Integrate Magical Lash Curl mascara

It adds a very natural level of volume but it gives gorgeous length and curl with deep, inky color. I feel like this mascara makes my lashes look like I have extensions. I like to curl my lashes before applying, but don’t dare touch a curler to them once I have the mascara on. I tried that once but it was way too much, my lashes stood straight up and looked altogether odd. I ended up trying to push them back down with my fingers.

The fibers look completely convincing on my lashes and I never have issues with them looking wonky on the ends. The wand is able to get right into the roots to give a tightlined effect. For me, it’s been perfect for day to day makeup for the office. It’s not out of control, but gives a really noticeable look. It works fine on the lower lashes, too.

The curl doesn’t drop throughout the day. It isn’t 100% smudge-proof after 8 hours or so, though I can tell that my choice of moisturizer and foundation affects how well it wears. A long-wearing foundation under the eyes, such as L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte, means no smudging. Depending on the makeup remover, it can also be stubborn to remove at the end of the day. I noticed a Clarins bi-phase eye makeup remover took it off with no problem at all, but my normally trusty Simple Micellar wipes struggled.

Integrate is a Shiseido brand sold in Japanese drugstores, and I see internet and eBay listings selling it in the US for around $15-18. That’s just a bit more than I paid in Japan, I think I bought it for somewhere closer to $14 (but my memory is not perfect). Japanese mascaras have a fantastic reputation, though the other two I tried from Kate and Dolly Wink gave me some issues. Kate gave my lashes too little and was thoroughly naturalistic, while Dolly Wink had a phenomenal formula but the wand liked to deposit too much which resulted in very thick, wet clumps of lashes. I’d call the Integrate mascara a winner on all fronts, though.

Have you tried it? I’d love to hear if you’ve found other awesome Asian mascaras, too. I haven’t explored much of the market yet but hope to get more familiar.

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  1. This sounds so promising! Unfortunately Sasa doesn’t carry it, and I buy all my Asian cosmetics through Sasa as they have the best prices. If I see this at my local Japanese supermarket though, I’ll have to pick it up. The amount of lift you got from the mascara is amazing!

    Regarding suggestions for other Japanese mascaras, I have used the Heroine Make mascaras for years . . . the one you hauled most recently is the lengthening formulation (called “Long & Curl”) that I used to favor, but now I’ve found that the Volume & Curl formula works better for me, as long as I use the Long & Curl brush to apply it (I just swap the brushes). Long & Curl’s brush applies an even coat, while the Volume & Curl formula is more impactful. I hope you like the Heroine Make mascaras! I’ve also had good luck in the past with Fairydrops mascaras and just ordered a few new formulations to try.

    1. Thanks for your help ID’ing the Heroine Make mascara, I’m pumped to try it. I think I may have purchased a year’s worth of mascara on that trip! I’ve heard tons of good stuff about Fairy Drops, though I didn’t see it when traveling – I must’ve missed the spots where it’s sold. I do know I can find it in the US though, so I’ll have to do that.

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