More Makeup Geek shadows!

August 21, 2016
Makeup Geek eyeshadows
Makeup Geek eyeshadows

I purchased 7 more Makeup Geek eyeshadows recently, most of which are new-ish releases. And, for the first time in my Makeup Geek purchasing, all of the colors ended up matching my expectations based on the online descriptions and photos, and I’ve had great luck with them looking harmonious with my eye and skin coloring. So today I wanted to share some swatches and observations for the shadows, which include Mirage, Sand Dollar, Brownie Points, Tiki Hut, Wild West, Casino, and Karma (one of the duochrome shades).

Makeup Geek shadows: Sand Dollar, Mirage, Tiki Hut, Karma, Casino, Brownie Points, and Wild West
Makeup Geek shadows: Sand Dollar, Mirage, Tiki Hut, Karma, Casino, Brownie Points, and Wild West

Looking at the bunch of them, it’s clear I’ve had an interest in neutrals. When I pressed my collection of loose shadows and started filling up my magnetic palettes a few months ago, I ended up with an abundance of brightly colored shades from a number of different indie brands. That’s led to me looking to Makeup Geek for neutral shades to fill in the gaps. So, I don’t mean to ignore Makeup Geek’s colorful shadows (and they definitely have a lot of them), but they aren’t what most attract me to their collection. I love that I can find a ton of beautiful shades of excellent quality and an affordable price point that I can reach for every single day.

Speaking of price point, all of these eyeshadow pans cost $6. Major upside.

Makeup Geek shadows, left to right: Mirage, Tiki Hut, Wild West
Makeup Geek shadows, left to right: Mirage, Karma, Casino, Tiki Hut, Wild West, Brownie Points, Sand Dollar
Makeup Geek shadows, left to right:
Makeup Geek shadows, left to right: Mirage, Karma, Casino, Tiki Hut, Wild West, Brownie Points, Sand Dollar

In general, I think the big downside with Makeup Geek is that I can only look at the products from behind a computer screen, and it has definitely taken me multiple tries to find the shades that are just right for me. There’s a bit of a surprise when I receive them in the mail to see whether they are as I’ve imagined them to be, or not. Like I mentioned, I’m super pleased with the colors in this bundle, though.

Mirage: “Warm buttercream with a satin matte finish.” This was originally released in their Vegas Lights palette but I’ve been waiting for it to be released as a single. I use it as a base for other shadows and to diffuse color above the socket contour, and it’s kind of perfect for me. It’s a really, really good shadow.

Karma: “Has a golden base with yellow-green reflects.” It’s very pretty, and has a pronounced green color. I expect to have to be careful with the foiled shadows from Makeup Geek because they can have longevity issues due to oil content, and I have oily eyelids that can eat eyeshadow up. This was the first duochrome offering from the brand that I’ve tried, but I took the same precautions: a serious primer set completely with a matte powder. Those precautions have worked well with the couple of Foiled shadows that I have from Makeup Geek. I didn’t really see creasing when I used Karma, but it did seem to disappear over the course of a workday, so that was disappointing. I probably won’t purchase any more from the Duochrome collection.

Casino: “Vibrant marigold with a shimmery finish.” This is another Vegas Lights color, and I kind of just have a hard time resisting golds. I have a ton of them in my collection. It is a strong marigold yellow that looks awesome when applied boldly, but I also really like that I can get a softer (but still very even) application with a fluffier brush that’s easier to wear day to day to more conservative destinations, like the office.

Tiki Hut: “Medium tawny brown with a matte finish.” Tiki Hut is more brown than Desert Sands, which I’ve previously purchased, and Desert Sands looks more yellow. Desert Sands had previously been a little disappointing for me because the color just wasn’t that easy for me to wear. Tiki Hut works much more naturally with my coloring, though, and I love it. I’m enjoying the quality of this shadow, too.

Wild West: “Rich rose brown with a matte finish.” Wild West is more red than Latte, and Latte has more yellow in it. This shade is also really easy for me to wear and I think it’s super pretty and easy to work with on the eye. I really don’t have a lot of rosy brown shades like this in my collection and I love the color. It just ends up a bit sheer, but seems to work just fine for the kind of application I’d like to get out of it.

Brownie Points: “Cool milk chocolate with a matte finish.” There are upsides and downsides of this one for me. The big upside is that I absolutely love the color, which came as a pleasant surprise since cooler tones can be a little tricky for me. The downside is that it’s sheer, which means it works pretty well as a socket contour shade but not so much over the lid. Which, in turn, means that I can’t really use it for a simple single-shadow look, despite loving the color so much.

Sand Dollar: “Porcelain pink gray with a matte finish.” This is another cool tone that I was very pleasantly surprised by. I think it ends up looking more opaque on my eyes than the arm swatch perhaps lets on, or in the case that any sheerness is just less noticeable on my light skin, it at least is nice and even. I like this one! It has a good, smooth texture on the skin.


Makeup Geek products can be purchased on their website, and each of these shadows cost just $6. Have you tried any of these? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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