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Recent purchases: Sephora, Kiehl’s, Muji, Club Clio, and more

August 27, 2016
August purchases
August purchases

I’ve been going through a phase of spending over the past few weeks and have a good amount of skincare, makeup, and body care that’s recently come into my life. Most of it is new to me and I think a lot of it is really fun. I have products from Kiehl’s, Club Clio, and Muji that I’m particularly excited about.

So maybe we’ll start there.

Kiehl's purchases
Kiehl’s purchases

There were a couple of trips to Kiehl’s, one of which involved a sale. I purchased four products that I’d been curious about, and then my husband picked out a couple from their men’s line, as well. I have the Blue Herbal Gel Cleanser ($21), Nightly Refining Micro-Peel Concentrate ($54), Super Multi-Corrective Cream ($62), and Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado ($29). Those were all recommended to me after previous discussions with sales associates about my skin, and I’d tried and loved a sample of the cream. We also have the Ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap ($15) and Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash ($32 for the 16.9 oz. bottle).

Muji purchases
Muji purchases

I have some fun at Muji and recently purchased some skincare as well as some of the other kinds of items in their beauty and personal care section. On the left is just a double pack of tissues that I liked the shape of. They’re wider and flatter packs than what Kleenex and similar brands make, and they just seem great for a purse situation. The green bottle is their All in One Essence from their organic range, and the brown bottle is the Moisturizing Milk from their high moisture range. Then there’s some disposable razors and cosmetic paper. I also purchased some powder paper (not pictured) – I wasn’t really sure what the powder paper and cosmetic papers were, so I just put both in my basket. The organic essence is the most expensive here at I think $22, but the others are extremely affordable, as is generally the case for Muji.

Club Clio Kill Cover foundation kit
Club Clio Kill Cover foundation kit

My Club Clio experience began at a JKNLEE sale, at the South Street Seaport in Manhattan, where most things were priced at 50% off. I decided to try this Kill Cover cushion foundation set, regularly priced at $49. It comes with a cushion compact, an full 1 oz. extra refill bottle of foundation, a bottle of primer, and two little puffs. The shade I bought (the lightest option of three) is a little light for me now but I think will be lovely in a month or two. I’ve tried it blended in with a darker foundation shade, and it seems like a lovely, luminous foundation, and includes SPF 50+.

Club Clio and
Club Clio and Freeset purchases

Then, it turned out Club Clio in Union Square had a sale where, again, many products were around 50% off, so I decided to check out a few more things. I wasn’t previously aware that there was a store there, but I’m glad to know about it now! A quick Google search told me that their Kill Black Brush Liner (regularly $25) is a good product to try, and I also decided to try the Kill Brow All Day Tattoo Brow Cara ($20), which is a double-ended brow pen and brow gel. I also grabbed the Eye-Ing Volume Mascara (original price unknown, on sale for $5). And, I decided to try a pack of Donkey Milk gel masks (pack of 10, regularly $40) from Soo Ae, which I believe is an associated or sub-brand of Club Clio, because it sounded fun. I’ve never tried gel masks before, and these guys put actual donkey milk in theirs.

Nature Republic purchases
Nature Republic purchases

There’s a Nature Republic right around the corner from Club Clio and they had put this range of masks on sale for $1 each (regularly $4). So I grabbed a few in mango, camellia, cacao, and basil, as well as a little hand sanitizer with a white musk scent. The little green bottle of the Cell Booster Essential Skin toner was a freebie sample that I’m kind of excited to try now that I’ve read about it on their website.

Sephora purchases
Sephora purchases

My Sephora purchases aren’t terribly exciting, unfortunately. I really just wanted to replace my Sephora Collection Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer ($14), as I recently used one up, and then I wanted to try and find a makeup remover that wasn’t too expensive and that I could take with me on a trip. I landed on the travel sized Boscia MakeUp-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil, ($10 for the small 1.7 oz. size). I also picked up the Marc Jacobs lipstick and eyeliner birthday duo, and redeemed 100 points for a little tube of the First Aid Beauty Hydra-Firm Sleeping Cream.

L'Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Sculpted and Voluminous Manga Rock mascaras
L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Sculpted and Voluminous Miss Manga Rock mascaras

I’ve tried a couple of L’Oreal mascaras recently, one that I really dislike, and one that I really enjoy. The Voluminous Butterfly Sculpted Waterproof formula really surprised me because I really enjoyed the Butterfly and Butterfly Intenza (washable) mascaras, but this one is super thick, clumpy, and smudgy. Maybe the Butterfly Waterproof formula is just no good for me. The Miss Manga Rock (washable) mascara, on the other hand, is fabulous and really surprised me in a good way. I’ll take some photos soon.

Bodywashes from Everyday 365 and O'Naomi
Bodywashes from 365 Everyday Value and O’Naomi

I recently started using a body wash from the Whole Foods house brand 365 Everyday Value, and think it’s great, plus it’s really cheap – right around $3, I think. I have very sensitive, dry skin and this one is really nice and gentle while still having a gel consistency. And then when I was in a grocery store in Chinatown, I spotted a body wash from Hong Kong brand O’Naomi (around $9 for a hefty 28.3 oz.). The ingredients piqued my interest because SLS is further down the ingredients than it normally lives, and there are number of soothing ingredients above it. So, we’ll see.


Have you tried any of these, or have you purchased anything recently that you’re really excited about? I’d love to hear!

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