Sugarpill Feline Fancy collection

February 20, 2017
Sugarpill Feline Fancy makeup collection ($48)

This is a big deal for me—it’s the very first time I bought myself some Sugarpill. I received an email notification from them on February 1 about a new Valentine’s release, and had submitted my order less than 24 hours later. The Feline Fancy collection is priced at $48 and comes with a 4-color eyeshadow palette, a liquid lip color, and some flipping adorable art on the packaging. It arrived at my home on February 13th which meant I could actually start playing around with it on Valentine’s Day.

Sugarpill Feline Fancy makeup collection: shipment

I’ve admired Sugarpill from afar for years now, and there are two big things that have stopped me from buying from them in the past. First, they’re on the pricey end of things, particularly compared to a lot of other indie brands, and second, the demand for their products often overwhelms their supply, especially during sale times. Moreover, their color palettes are fun and bold, and it’s somewhat difficult for me to justify spending a lot of money on products that I can’t wear day to day at my office job. I’ve been watching and waiting for them to release something that feels like the right fit for me, and it finally happened.

Sugarpill’s presentation is awesome. I received this amazing pick shipping box stuffed with blue tissue and a sticker, and then the Feline Fancy collection was contained all in one box with the illustration on the front that slid open to reveal the makeup.

Sugarpill Feline Fancy makeup collection: outer packaging

The outer package slides open to reveal the palette and lip color. The palette itself is nice and compact, but surprisingly weighty for it’s size, and the eyeshadow pans are generously sized. The lip color tube is nice looking/feeling, as well.

Sugarpill Feline Fancy eyeshadow palette
Sugarpill Feline Fancy Strange Love
Sugarpill Feline Fancy collection: S.W.A.K., Wink, Text Me, Kiss Kiss, Strange Love

The shadows are super beautiful and seem to live up to all the good things I’ve heard about Sugarpill. The textures are smooth and they apply really easily to the skin and diffuse softly with a brush. The pink S.W.A.K. and red Kiss Kiss in particular are impressive in what I’d say is a sophisticated finish that Sugarpill refers to as “foiled,” and S.W.A.K. has a duochromatic effect, as well. It’s half copper pink, half cool rose. Warm brown Text Me is a good transitional shade and is formulated to be a bit softer in pigmentation, which means it took an extra swipe or two to get it opaque on my arm, but I find that really practical in terms of being able to build it up slowly in on my eye. These are long lasting for me over a good primer and I’ve found that they can be quite boldly colorful, or blended to the point of being a more subtle and daytime-friendly.

The lip color in Strange Love is kind of a chocolate covered cherry sort of color with a gentle metallic finish. It’s lightly fragranced with a sweet scent. From swatching it on my arm I can say that it doesn’t come off at all with soap and water and requires an oil to break it down. It had a little bit of tackiness after application to my lips, but once I had eaten and some of the metallic shine had worn off, it felt super lightweight. For me it has lasted through a meal plus maybe 3 more hours before it started to look worn enough in the inside of my lips for it to bother me. While eating, a little bit of that shinier finish transferred to my coffee mug, so I’d say it’s pretty tenacious but not completely transfer-proof. After several hours following that meal, I could mostly wipe it off with some tissue and apply some balm over the remaining color left on my lips. It generally wears off pretty gracefully, and is only a teeny weeny bit drying.

Sugarpill Feline Fancy eyeshadows, used subtly

Here I’m wearing all four eyeshadow shades on Valentine’s Day. The quest here wasn’t to see the full capabilities of each shadow, but to get a low-key look appropriate for my office job (where I snapped this photo). However attracted to certain bright colors I may be, I still try to weigh whether I’ll actually have opportunities to comfortably wear the makeup in my normal day-to-day when I purchase stuff, and I think these colors can work for that.

I have Text Me softly in the socket, S.W.A.K. on the lid, Kiss Kiss on the outer third and a bit more precisely in the socket, and wink in the inner corner. Some Makeup Geek gel liner in Mobster and Etude House Oh! My Eye Lash curling mascara finish off the eyes.

I’m also wearing the Club Clio Kill Cover cushion foundation (mixed with a few drops of the Sephora Teint Infusion foundation), Sephora Bright Future Gel Serum concealer, NARS Translucent Crystal loose setting powder, blush and highlight from the LH Cosmetics Infinity Palette, ELF eyebrow kit and L’Oreal Brow Stylist Plumper.

Wearing Sugarpill Strange Love

And here I’m wearing Strange Love on my lips, with minimal other makeup on the rest of my face. I’m trying out the Yadah BB Cream with some Sephora Bright Future Gel Serum concealer and NARS Translucent Crystal loose setting powder, Maybelline Master Hi-Light in Light Bronze and a little bit of pink blush from RMK, ELF eyebrow kit and L’Oreal Brow Stylist Plumper, and and Etude House Oh! My Eye Lash curling mascara.

I think the thing that really thrills me about this collection, beyond the unquestionably high quality of the products, is the way Sugarpill has coordinated the colors. It’s still appropriate for a specific color-themed holiday like Valentine’s (which typically has a very flat and simple scheme), but the five shades together make a pretty refined color palette. There’s pink and red, but also some copper, some brown, some soft rose. It’s all just really pretty, and there isn’t anything flat about it.


Have you tried this, or do you have other favorites from Sugarpill? I’ve been eyeing their make-your-own palette with single shadows since they released it. I’d love to hear what you’ve enjoyed from them.

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