It Cosmetics Confidence in a Compact SPF 50+ solid serum foundation

November 20, 2017
It Cosmetics Confidence in a Compact SPF 50+ Foundation ($38 for 0.63 oz.)

It’s time for me to talk about the It Cosmetics Confidence in a Compact serum foundation because I’m reaching a point where I’m almost out of it. I was given this as a gift in the shade Fair for my birthday in July and have since been reaching for it regularly. It makes a really great day-to-day foundation because of it’s lighter coverage and high SPF, and it also travels well because it’s a cream in a compact, not a liquid.

It Cosmetics Confidence in a Compact SPF 50+ Foundation in Fair ($38 for 0.63 oz.)

It’s packaged a lot like a cushion foundation except there’s a pan of cream instead of the cushion, but it has a little flap that closes over the cream to stop it from drying out, and a flat sponge nestles on top of the flap and under the cover. There’s a mirror under the cover, as well. It’s a nice compact that’s very secure and easy to open and close, but is not heavy.

I actually thought the sponge worked pretty well for applying the foundation, for a while at least, but more recently I’ve chucked it because it’s too difficult to keep clean and I have an easier time maintaining my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. I think It Cosmetics also recommends an angled buffing-style brush, but I don’t really use those so I never really got into experimenting with using brushes to apply this foundation.

Before and after applying It Cosmetics Confidence in a Compact foundation in Fair

I don’t think this shade is truly “fair,” I’m typically a “light” and this is an appropriate shade for me, even leaning a touch dark for my winter skin. The tone is a little gray, more than I’d prefer but not so much so that it’s really detectable, and on the plus side, a gray tone makes the ever so slightly dark shade much less noticeable than a warmer tone would. There are 7 shades total, which is pretty bare bones. The coverage is pretty light (which also helps the shade and tone work more flexibly), but I think these photos show that the foundation still does a lot to correct my overall complexion while also letting certain qualities and imperfections show through. While wearing it, my skin still very much looks like natural skin.

It Cosmetics Confidence in a Compact foundation in Fair

They call it a “solid serum,” and I mostly take that as a reference to its thin texture and the inclusion of some skin-friendly ingredients. That texture is pretty much the opposite of what you might expect from a cream compact, but it comes off of the pan as a thin, slick layer that’s easy to sweep across the skin with a sponge. It has an immediate dewiness to it and the brand advertises the inclusion of ceramides, collagen, hyaluronic acid, squalane, and antioxidants in the formula. I suggest you try to resist thinking of the foundation is a substitute for an actual serum, however. It bugs me when cosmetics companies try to pass off makeup as skincare. One product can’t be good a everything, and if this product has pigments and sun protection that need to sit on top of the skin, I think it’s going to make for a crappy serum.

It Cosmetics Confidence in a Compact foundation in Fair

This foundation is probably best suited to normal-ish to dry skin since it does have a more emollient texture, but I wouldn’t say it’s all that noticeably hydrating or greasy in texture. It also doesn’t emphasize any of my skin’s dryness. In terms of appearance, it does a couple of things for my skin that I really enjoy. It offers a hint of smoothness and slightly improves the appearance of my skin texture, and it has a very natural, flattering level of luminosity. Those qualities are big for me. Beyond that, I also really like the compact format, which is stellar for travel, and I think being able to get a high SPF in such an effortless way is also a big bonus. The SPF is one of the big reasons I reach for it so often when I’m getting ready for work.

It Cosmetics Confidence in a Compact foundation in Fair

When I wear it to work, I always layer concealer and powder on top to make the skin look a bit more finished. Here I’m wearing the Milk Makeup Flex Concealer in Fair and the NARS Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder (two products I love). The only other face makeup I’m wearing is the Guerlain  Terracotta Bronzing Powder in shade 1, which has a natural finish.

Another thing that makes this foundation a decent fit for normal, day-to-day wear is that I get a decent 6 or so hours out of it. Around that point, coverage starts to fade, oil starts to accumulate in an obvious way, and it gathers a little bit in the corners of my nose. I can clean up with an oil absorbing sheet, or (even better) a little powder, but I haven’t had much luck extending wear with primers and it’s just generally not a very long-wearing product. It isn’t advertised as such.

This foundation costs $38, which seemed like a pretty common Sephora-esque price point to me until I noticed that there’s just 0.63 oz. of product instead of the standard full ounce. That makes the price feel quite high. I think it’s a pretty good foundation, but it’s not a favorite of mine. I will be finishing my compact up pretty soon and wouldn’t buy it again, but I’m glad to have had it around for a while.

You can find this one at It Cosmetics, Ulta, and QVC. Have you tried this one, or does it sound like something that’d be a good fit for you? What’s your favorite foundation with SPF? I’ll be in the market for a new one soon and I’d love to hear!

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