Shiro Cosmetics #JustLegolasThings collection, Into the Unknown eyeshadows x7, and Fatality Finishing [Move] powder

December 17, 2017
Shiro Cosmetics #JustLegolasThings collection, Into the Unknown eyeshadows x7, and Fatality finishing powder

It’s been a while since I’ve made an order from Shiro Cosmetics, but I revisited their site on Black Friday and spent some time shopping their newer eyeshadow collections. I ended up buying the full 5-piece #JustLegolasThings eyeshadow collection and 7 of the 15 eyeshadows released in the Into the Unknown collection. Overall, I picked up a really lovely autumnal color palette. I’m also trying a face finishing powder for the first time, although this is an older product from the brand. These products are still really new to me but I have swatches of each of the eyeshadows and general first impressions to share.

Shiro Cosmetics #JustLegolasThings eyeshadow collection

The #JustLegolasThings collection just has five cool colors with a strong Lothlórien vibe. I wasn’t initially sure I needed all of them, but I had enough trouble picking out which one(s) I wanted that in the end I just stuck the whole collection in my cart. I actually really like that the collection is quite small because it meant I really didn’t have to think too hard on that decision. I can also gaze upon Orlando Bloom’s face on lots of different occasions now.

Shiro Cosmetics #JustLegolasThings eyeshadow collection

The swatches below are dry swipes of powder on unprimed skin. All five shades have some shimmer and sparkle and will have a stronger sheen when foiled, but I’ve applied a generous amount of powder so that you can get a sense for the complexity of each shade. You can also click each link to see Shiro’s swatches — they do a good job of representing the colors on their website. Full-sized jars with sifters and lid art cost $6.50, and the full collection is $29.25. Sample bags and mini jars are also available.

Shiro Cosmetics #JustLegolasThings eyeshadow collection

From left to right:

A Red Sun Rises: “Strong merlot base with teal shimmer and purple sparkles.” When used with a lighter hand it has more of an earthen color, but built up or foiled has a cooler purple color with visible purple and blue qualities.

The Stars Are Veiled: “Midnight blue-black, with lighter indigo shimmer and golden flecks.” Gorgeous, inky indigo blue with a sheen, and one of my favorites in the collection.

A Shadow and a Threat: “Deepsea teal with violet shift and aqua glitter.” The messy swatch is my fault, not the shadow’s. It’s a mermaid teal with a lovely depth.

A Fell Voice on the Air: “Bold iris purple with strong green/aqua shift and golden sparks.” These color descriptions are on point, and iris is the right word to use for this shade. The sheen and dimension for this one are stellar.

Full of Memory and Anger: “Metallic grass green backed by deeper olive, and kissed by gold glitter.” Along with The Stars Are Veiled, this is one of my personal favorites. What a lovely, flattering green.

Shiro Cosmetics Into the Unknown eyeshadows

I also found myself sucked into browsing the Into the Unknown collection, which I previously hadn’t paid attention to because I wasn’t familiar with the inspirational source material for it. Into the Unknown is a Halloween 2017 collection inspired by Over the Garden Wall, which I’m interested in checking out now that I’ve read a bit about it. I tend to think that the people behind Shiro have really fantastic taste in these kinds of things.

This collection has 15 eyeshadows and one lip color, and I purchased 7 of the eyeshadows. I do really love that they all have different lid art, which makes identifying each color much easier. Each full sized jar is $6.30 and the full collection is $87.75, with mini jars and sample bags also available.

Shiro Cosmetics Into the Unknown eyeshadows

Overall, these seem to be a bit different from many of the other eyeshadows that I own from the brand. The vast majority of the shadows that I already owned are shimmers with a very substantial, opaque consistency, and the shades I purchased in this collection are more matte and have a very soft, fine texture. So, I find that the swatches below look a little less spectacular in the sense that I don’t think the subtle qualities of each shade really come through in the photo as much as they do in person. So far in my experience I’ve found them to be extremely workable and easy to blend on the skin with a brush. The swatches below are applied with my finger on unprimed skin.

Shiro Cosmetics Into the Unknown eyeshadows

From left to right:

Rock Fact!: “Cool pale grey with yellow shimmer.” In person the buttery shimmery is pretty apparent though it doesn’t really come through very well in the photo. This one was the first shade I tried on my eye and I think it’s really simple and pretty on the lid.

Come, Wayward Souls: “Warm dark grey with woody shimmer.” This one also has a warm-toned shimmer to it, which I think is pretty cool. It’s a really easy smoky shadow to throw on, thanks to the very soft texture and dimensional color.

Black Turtles: “Dark matte plum-licorice purple.” It’s quite matte, and has a really soft, smoky quality. My intention is to use it as a very soft liner on the eyes.

Adelaide of the Pasture: “Deep prune with smooth bronze shimmer.” This one is also definitely even prettier in person than in the photo. Overall I’d say it has a satin finish; it’s almost like it has a matte base with a relatively subtle metallic shimmer mixed in.

Make Ends Meet: “Deep buttery matte mahogany.” This is more of a cool red-brown compared to the more golden Adelaide of the Pasture, and lacks the shimmery aspect.

Edelwood: “Nearly-matte cinnamon with the smallest whisper of metallic shine.” For all intents and purposes, this reads as a matte shade. This is so wonderfully autumnal.

Ringing of the Bell: “Burnished metallic brass.” I actually went back and forth about purchasing this shadow, but once I swatched it with the others it was instantly a favorite. It’s reflective but still soft, and definitely a strong brass color. This is the only one of the bunch that resembles my older Shiro shimmer shades in that it swatches easier and is very smooth and opaque.

Shiro Cosmetics Fatality Finishing [Move] Powder

Shiro has two finishing powder, this translucent white one called Fatality Finishing [Move] and a translucent green one called Always Angry. These are available in $10 jars or $1.50 sample bags. This has been an offering on Shiro’s website for years, and the thing that made me add it to my cart this time around is that I’m running out of my NARS Translucent Crystal loose setting powder and so I’m looking for alternatives.

I can only give first impressions and I think it takes a while to get to know a powder, over different foundations and through different seasons. This one only contains rice powder, kaolin clay, and silica, so it’s very simple. The texture is extremely fine and it kind of poofs up into the air if I knock it. The jar’s sifter is a good fit for the texture and doesn’t require much knocking, though.

It doesn’t have the same texture of the NARS powder at all, in that the NARS powder doesn’t poof into the air. In fact this doesn’t seem to have the same texture as any of the other powders in my collection, so it’s a unique acquisition for me. For the moment, as my skin is quite dry and sad this winter, I’m finding that when I use the powder the corners of my nose can look kind of dry although my under-eyes look pretty smooth. I’ll keep trying it in different conditions.

In general, I keep purchasing from Shiro because I’ve had really good luck with the quality of their products, and find that the eyeshadows in particular have great longevity on my eyes. They also sell other indie brands on their site, including Detrivore, Femme Fatale, Sayuri, Bettie Pain Polish, and Ms. Sparkle. I’m excited to keep playing with these new products. Have you tried any of these? I’d love to hear what you think!

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