Naturaglacé Moist BB Cream and Emollient Cream Foundation

May 21, 2018
Naturaglacé Moist BB Cream and Emollient Cream Foundation

When I was in Japan this past winter, I specifically wanted to find some complexion products with high SPF. The year prior, I had tried a little complexion set from Naturaglacé with sample sizes in it, and I’d found that the products seemed really solid. So when I found this year that the brand had a whole new display at Tokyu Hands with an expanded product range (at least compared to what I’d previously seen) and completely new packaging design, I spent some time with the testers and purchased the Moist BB Cream with SPF 43/PA+++ (¥2800 or about $25 for 30g) and Emollient Cream Foundation with SPF 39/PA+++ (¥4800 or about $43 for 27g).

Naturaglacé Moist BB Cream and Emollient Cream Foundation

I’d say Naturaglacé is mid-range in terms of price point, and though it doesn’t seem to be readily available for the US market, I wanted to at least review it for people who might be weighing some shopping options for Japanese travels. I was specifically attracted to the options that were formulated for drier skin types since I was shopping during the winter season and having issues with hydration and elasticity. They do also have other foundation formulas for those who don’t struggle with dry skin, which I may try at some other time.

Naturaglacé Moist BB Cream and Emollient Cream Foundation

My only complaint about the packaging is that the bottles themselves are pretty boring, and I wish that they had incorporated elements of the carton design onto the bottles. But the bottles are small and lightweight, and have a small tip to squeeze the foundation out that never drips or leaks into the cap. So, all of that is perfectly functional and easy to work with.

The brand does have some English on their site describing the overarching philosophy. The name Naturaglacé is an amalgamation of two words combined to indicate a “natural glow” and the information online says that the brand uses 100% naturally derived ingredients, including minerals and organic botanicals. Furthermore, Naturaglacé makeup is formulated to provide skincare benefits, as well as offer a very natural-looking translucent effect that lets skin shine through.

Naturaglacé Moist BB Cream in shade 01

The Moist BB Cream is the product I’d picked out first and also the one I began to use first once I was back home. It’s a lightweight texture that’s neither watery nor particularly thick, and I’ve most often been blending it into my skin with a sponge. Once I started using it, it was really difficult for me to stop … I think it took me something like 2 months to break the daily habit and move on to using the cream foundation.

The things I love so much about this BB cream are that it, one, blends seamlessly into the skin without any effort whatsoever and, two, makes my skin look like it’s very healthy and smooth. This plays into my personal preferences pretty well because I don’t generally need lots of coverage but want some help with smoothing over texture and adding luminosity. The coverage is definitely very light and so it won’t provide the most even skin tone, but I feel like it makes my skin look like it’s naturally gorgeous.

The downsides are the kind you might expect from a product like this. It can crease a little if I apply too much of it under my eyes (but it behaves just fine as long as I’m conscious of this), and it’s not particularly long lasting. I will often blot my face twice over the course of a day when I wear this because it doesn’t hold back any oil at all, and it will visibly fade by the end of a work day. I don’t really mind this and will just use a different foundation on the days when I need my makeup to last into the evening, and it never starts to look unpleasant during the process of wearing down. I would just caution those with oily skin against it.

Naturaglacé Emollient Cream Foundation in shade NO1

The Emollient Cream Foundation also provides a smoothed, moisturized appearance, although I think it has a softer kind of luminosity than the BB cream. It also provides some more coverage, but I still wouldn’t really call it a really high coverage product. It’s on perhaps the light side of medium coverage.

In general, I’d also say that this just behaves a bit more like a foundation. It’s texturally thicker (a cream, in fact) and it takes a little more effort to blend it into skin than the completely effortless BB cream, but it’s still easy to use. I use a sponge to apply this one, as well. It’s also resistant to creasing under my eyes and lasts longer throughout the day. I typically just blot my face once during a work day, and the coverage will stick around longer into the evening.

When things do start to break down, I still think it happens elegantly. Like the BB cream, this foundation really just makes my skin look naturally pretty. Once I started using the foundation, I again fell into a habit of reaching for it daily and felt very little need to change things up day to day. As we’re getting closer to summer my skin’s dryness is waning and so I’ll probably give the hydrating complexion products a rest for a few months, but I wouldn’t say that the foundation should be off limits to those with a little oil in their skin.

Naturaglacé Moist BB Cream and Emollient Cream Foundation

I’ll be looking out for opportunities to get Naturaglacé products in the US in the future, because I’m a fan.

Do you like a little glow in your base? What foundation have you been reaching for lately?

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