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A 3-month review of Halo Beauty Hair|Skin|Nails Booster

July 29, 2018
Halo Beauty Hair|Skin|Nails Booster ($39.95)

Like a lot of people, I was initially skeptical when Tati Westbrook announced that she was releasing a dietary supplement to nourish hair, skin, and nails. However, it had been a few years since I’d tried a supplement targeting my outward appearance, and I realized something that made me think about her launch a little differently. It occurred to me that, considering the rampant problems with the supplement industry, I might be actually better off considering a product made by someone I at least am familiar with in the virtual sense than I would be with a company I might find on a store shelf and know absolutely nothing about. I ordered a three month supply, which was a time frame I figured was long enough to allow me to hopefully observe some results.

Halo Beauty
Halo Beauty Hair|Skin|Nails Booster ($39.95/ea)

The packaging design is pretty gorgeous. I’m not very experienced with high-end supplements, but this is the nicest bottle I’ve seen. At first I thought it was overkill, but the more I used it, the more I kind of wished my other supplements had paid more attention to the package.

My main goals are related to my skin. I’ve previously tried biotin, B-complex, borage oil, and vitamin E supplements to try and improve my hair, skin, and nails, and experienced very, um, modest results. The only thing I’ve really seen make a difference was a certain B-complex–this was about 5 years ago and I’ve lost track of the brand, but it was something I picked up at a health store, nothing particularly special. It included biotin in the mix, and for whatever reason seemed to work better than just taking biotin alone. Halo Beauty also includes biotin and a mix of other B vitamins, plus a collection of other things I hadn’t tried before, so that made it seem like an attractive option.

Over the past year my nail and hair health has improved without help by way of supplements, which I attribute to an increase in my protein intake (lots of salmon, chicken about once a week, and some occasional red meat), but really, it’s hard to know for sure what is behind these kinds of changes over time. It could be hormonal, or something else I wouldn’t even think to consider. But in any case, my primary concern at the moment is my skin. I’m 32 and experience hormonal acne and am combination-dry overall, and struggle with some perpetually dry and tight areas on my cheeks and under my eyes. I would love to relax the hormonal symptoms and moisturize from the inside out, and just generally bolster my skin’s elasticity and balance.

Over the three months of taking Halo Beauty, I think I saw modest results in my skin, and didn’t notice any changes in my hair and nails. I will add that I don’t really believe that three months is enough time to see changes in hair and nails in general since their growth is relatively slow, so maybe keep that in mind if these are your areas of concern. I saw no sudden changes in my skin, but over time I think my cyclical breakouts did subside a little bit. If money was no object, I would continue taking the supplement. Additionally, I did break out more intensely 1-2 weeks after I  ran out and stopped taking it. To me, that’s a nice result and is in line with my expectations of what good supplement can do.

$39.95 per month is a lot for a supplement (for my budget) and despite the sticker shock that I think a lot of people experienced during the launch, I think in general it’s a good idea to  temper expectations for what an over-the-counter capsule is going to do for you. But I do think Halo Beauty offers a higher level of quality than what I’ve tried in the past, including a proprietary phytoceramide called Ceramide-Rx™. Tati has explained her high standards of production and ingredients in videos, which is a lot more than I can say for all of the other supplements I take. Additionally, it’s free of gluten, soy, and animal products, which I imagine is also not the easiest to find at lower price points, though I don’t really know from personal experience.

A lot of people were irritated by the price point when Halo Beauty launched, but high quality supplements always cost some real money and this kind of thing just isn’t going to be within reach or the best choice for everyone. I will just say that in my history of shopping for supplements or looking for alternatives to this product, I haven’t seen any products that look like a direct comparison or that provide a similar formulation for a lower price. It looks to me like Tati created something that stands on its own in the marketplace.

One other thing that I started to consider as I reached the end of my supply was that because it includes a pretty extensive list of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other molecules, I didn’t feel like I had a super strong grasp on everything inside. That meant that combining it with other kinds of supplements took a fair amount of work in terms of making sure I wasn’t doubling up on ingredients. I really don’t think that will be a big deal for most people, but it’s something I’ve started to think more about as I look to possibly getting pregnant and wanting to be sure that I’m not building up excessive levels of any substances in my blood over time that may cause an issue. None of the ingredients seem particularly concerning to my (uneducated) eye, but it’s reason enough for me to put taking something like this long-term on hold for the moment.

So, I think the Halo Beauty supplement has a lot of virtues and, although I’m not currently taking it, I would do so again in the future. Although I didn’t feel an automatic sense of excitement when Tati revealed her brand and product launch, I now look forward to hearing what else she’s brewing. Not every product will be the right fit for everyone, especially when it comes to stuff you put in your body, but I think she’s done a cool thing.

Have you tried it? How did you feel about the launch, and do you take any other supplements targeting hair, skin, and nails? I’d love to hear!

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